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Cataract Surgery Cost in Turkey | Medicsey

One of the most prevalent diseases, especially among the elderly and children, is cataract disease which leads to cataract surgery in Turkey, this disease affects the eye...

Types of cataracts

White water ...

White water in the middle of the lens of the eye

Cataracts on...

Cataracts on the edges of the lens of the eye

Cataract beh...

Cataract behind the lens of the eye

Wearing sunglasses

Direct exposure to sunlight causes the rapid development of cataracts, so it is preferable to wear sunglasses to protect against ultraviolet rays.

Reduce drinking alcohol

Consuming alcohol in large quantities makes the risk of developing cataracts high, so it is preferable to reduce drinking alcohol as much as possible.

Blood sugar regulation

Diabetics have to monitor the level of sugar in the blood continuously because its constant rise leads in the majority of cases to developing cataracts.

One of the most prevalent diseases, especially among the elderly and children, is cataract disease which leads to cataract surgery in Turkey, this disease affects the eye and leads to blurry, or double vision.

What is Cataract disease?

The lens of the eye is located behind the pupil, and it is kept inside a bag that completely covers it, in which the components of the lens are located, and those components are certainly transparent and stable in place until something strange happens that changes its nature in the event of an injury or a cut in this cover, so the transparent color turns into a white color that is felt In the patient, in the form of blurry vision, at first this foggy affects a small part of the eye and then begins to spread after a while until the fog is over the entire eye, causing a completely distorted vision. Symptoms of cataracts on the eye are:

  • Blurry or double vision
  • Inability to distinguish colors
  • Myopia
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Desire to change eyeglasses on a regular basis, and this is why all doctors warn against the continued feeling of blurry vision that glasses cannot treat, in this case, a diagnosis must be made immediately and cataract surgery in Turkey must be made because continuing for a long time without treatment may lead to vision loss.

Types of cataracts

Some may think that cataracts are one type and have the same diagnosis, but they are different and differ depending on where they are located in the eye, and we will know how this happens:

  • White water in the middle of the lens of the eye (nuclear cataract): initially causes myopia and then leads to the inability to read, and the condition continues to develop and multiply over time, causing the color of the lens to turn yellow or brown, and then the patient begins to feel blind and loses the ability to distinguish between colors.
  • Cataracts on the edges of the lens of the eye (cortical cataracts): in the beginning, the cataract is around the lens from the outside and resembles an arc, and after a time it begins to expand in the form of lines to the middle and interfere with the light that passes through the lens.
  • Cataract behind the lens of the eye (posterior cataract): forms at the back of the lens and directly interferes with the path of light, causing cataracts, difficulty reading, and seeing halos surrounding lights at night. This type of cataract tends to develop rapidly during childhood; it may be caused by genetics, intrauterine infection, or others.

The reasons for the lead to cataract surgery in Turkey

As we mentioned before, the incidence of cataracts affects a greater percentage of the elderly and children and more newborns, and this is for various reasons, adults and young people may get infected with it, but at a lower rate:

  • Being bruised or injured
  • A cut in the cornea of ​​the eye
  • Uveitis
  • Having blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol
  • As for the fetuses, they develop cataracts due to some problems during pregnancy, such as the mother’s infection with a viral or other, as well as a problem during childbirth that leads to injury to the child and damage to the eye, or it is a congenital condition.
  • As well as the elderly, some cases develop as a result of age and the occurrence of some natural changes in the lens, but there are some cases that increase the possibility of developing cataracts, such as diabetes, smoking, a previous operation in the eye and high blood pressure. So the treatment of cataracts is to do cataract surgery in Turkey.

Treatment of cataracts

Cataracts are only treated by doing cataract surgery in Turkey, and it may be rumored sometimes that it is treated with a laser operation without surgery, the fact is that a small opening is made and ultrasound waves are used in this process, while the laser uses are that some doctors make this small incision instead of the regular method using a different device. Before the cataract surgery in Turkey, the doctor performs an eye test using ultrasound to determine the type of lens that will be implanted inside the eye. The doctor also asks the patient to stop taking medications to eliminate any possibility of bleeding during the operation, as well as stop eating for 12 hours. The cost of cataract surgery in Turkey in Medicsey varies between the two methods.

Does cataract return after cataract surgery in Turkey?

Doctors confirm that cataracts cannot return to the eye again after cataract surgery in Turkey, due to the removal of the natural lenses and the implantation of new ones so the new lenses can never suffer from cataracts.

Ways to prevent cataract surgery in Turkey

There are no studies confirming the existence of fixed steps to prevent cataracts, but many doctors suggest some precautions that can reduce the chances of infection or reduce the rapid development when already infected, which are:

Periodic inspection

Undergoing a periodic eye examination when feeling any difference, even a small one, and even checking for reassurance from time to time is important and necessary and helps you discover problems at an early stage and treat them in an easier and simpler way.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is one of the most negative health habits that lead to a significant number of diseases such as lung cancer and, in some cases, cataracts, especially with age.

Consuming more vegetables and fruits

Continuously eating vegetables and fruits protects the body from many diseases, especially those that contain a high percentage of antioxidants, as they reduce the risk of developing cataracts in particular and improve eyesight as well, although there is no confirmed study that antioxidant drugs help prevent, However, there are many other studies confirming that following a diet that depends on eating vegetables and fruits or even including them in your diet helps reduce the development of cataracts when infected with it.

Cataract surgery cost in Turkey

If the patient decides to undergo cataract surgery in the eye abroad, he should know that the cataract surgery cost in turkey, as the prices of eye lenses range between varies according to the lenses types, the doctor, and the hospital.

Bottom of line, cataract surgery in Turkey is a must if the patient has a cataract because the eye is one of the sensitive organs in the body, and the sense of sight is one of the most important senses, and the connection of these two facts together makes the person pay special attention to the eye. The patient must beware of any bacteria, viruses, or any foreign body that may approach the eye because the damage will not be simple and the consequences will not be tolerated in most cases.

Cataract Surgery
Cataract surgery cost in Turkey

The cost of cataract surgery in Turkey and the installation of a lens is as follows:

The price of cataract surgery with a mono-focal lens is the least expensive.

As well as the price of a cataract operation with a lens to fix astigmatism is medium expensive.

The price of cataract surgery with multifocal lenses is the highest.

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