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Porcelain Veneers in Turkey | Medicsey

Porcelain veneers in turkey has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, because the dental treatment and cosmetic centers in Turkey have succeeded in achieving wide fame in the field of teeth whitening and beautification.

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Why it's done & some advantages of porcelain veneers

The most important reason for making a porcelain tooth is that the patient has an untreatable caries or tooth loss. It is preferred in such cases as the tooth cavity formed after tooth loss will affect the patient's quality of life and may experience difficulties in eating and drinking. Finally, patients who want to have an aesthetic smile or who have deformities in their teeth can have porcelain veneers in Turkey.

Since it is ...

Since it is a durable material, it is possible to use porcelain teeth for a long time.

It is prefer...

It is preferred by patients with its low cost and aesthetic appearance.

The treatmen...

The treatment process takes a shorter time than other procedures

It allows yo...

It allows you to gain a beautiful smile, wherefore It is a method frequently preferred by patients with aesthetic concerns

Zirconium Veneers

Zirconium veneers like other veneers can be made on your tooth or to complete your missing teeth. It is more preferred in front teeth because it looks more natural than other veneers.

Laminate Veneers

The laminate veneer is a procedure performed to correct the deterioration of the anterior teeth. Laminate veneers are made for many different reasons.

Empress Veneers

 It is the type of veneer most preferred by patients who want a natural look on their teeth. In fact, it is the only type of veneer that is very similar to your own teeth and does not look artificial.

Porcelain veneers in turkey has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, because the dental treatment and cosmetic centers in Turkey have succeeded in achieving wide fame in the field of teeth whitening and beautification. to the extent that they attract tens of thousands annually, whether from within Turkey or from various neighboring countries, not only because of the skill of their doctors in this specialty, but also for the low prices that are available.

Laser teeth whitening achieved satisfactory results for most of those who underwent it in Turkey. Until other solutions appeared to whiten the teeth and give them a bright appearance, and these solutions were faster and their results lasted for longer years, so it attracted many to try it, the most important of which is sticking white porcelain lenses, giving them a bright and attractive appearance.

Several types of Porcelain veneers in turkey have appeared, but veneers are considered one of the most important types that have achieved satisfactory results for the public of dental surgeries in Turkey, until the demand for them increased dramatically and there is no cosmetic center in Turkey that does not perform this operation.

Porcelain veneers in turkey are a treatment that aims to correct aesthetic defects in the teeth to create a uniform closing line. Therefore, the treatment is suitable for patients who require rotten or damaged dental coating, missing tooth filling or missing tooth material, filling gaps between teeth, dental density treatment, and reshaping the color and shape of teeth. In just two appointments with the dentist, the porcelain veneers in turkey are performed and the patient acquires a new, clean, white and aesthetic smile.

How are porcelain veneers in turkey made?   

This is a process that lasts over two sessions between the dentist and the patient. In the first session, the dentist conducts a general examination of the patient's teeth, measures the teeth that require veneers, and together with the patient develops a plan for porcelain veneers in turkey. Usually, during this session, the doctor sharpens the patient's teeth in such a way as to fit the attachment of future veneers to cover the teeth, and glues them to the teeth with the sharpened veneers available. These coatings are similar to regular dental coatings, but are weaker than coatings that will be prepared in a laboratory for a patient - so they are only temporary. However, they are important not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a practical point of view: they protect sharp teeth, which tend to be sensitive to cold or hot temperatures.

This is usually a quick, easy process that does not require sedation, but patients report that local anesthesia is sometimes required to best complete the treatment (and also for the first session where the teeth are sharpened). At the second appointment with the dentist, a computerized image of the dental line is presented to the patient where they are expected to take care after the veneers are fitted. If the patient is satisfied with the digital imaging, the doctor begins the work of gluing the permanent coatings - a process that takes between forty minutes and an hour. However, if the patient is not satisfied with the depiction, this is certainly the moment to express his dissatisfaction: the color, shape and thickness of the coating can be changed as long as it is outside the mouth. However, it is a more complex process after infection. At the end of the application of veneers with a thickness of from 0.3 to 1 mm, the patient gets a new smile: no voids, no spots.

The porcelain veneers cost turkey

The question about the cost is always the first thing on the patient’s mind after making sure of the location and its quality. In general, the cost of the porcelain veneers in turkey varies depending on the required treatment, the skills of the dentist, the materials used, and of course the extent and scope of the operation.

In addition, if you are wondering how much is the price Porcelain veneers in turkey? The average cost of a Hollywood smile is about $2,500 or more. Porcelain veneers in turkey may seem like a cosmetic surgery only, but it is often more complicated than that. In fact, the smile is where the fields of cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry converge in order to restore dental function. In some cases, cosmetic measures such as teeth whitening or re-staining are sufficient. While in other cases, restorative measures such as crowns or dental implants may be required. In many cases, some patients need to use all of these procedures in order to achieve the smile they desire.

Porcelain veneers in turkey offers a simple and effective repair of loose, chipped, worn, frayed or inaccurate teeth. Veneers are a thin ceramic crust placed at the front of the damaged tooth to modify its colour, shape, size and length. Membranes can be made of porcelain or resin-composite material. However, porcelain's superior resistance to tooth pigments and a natural look make it the best choice for Hollywood smile surgery in Turkey.

Before installation, veneers need preliminary design and fabrication in a dental laboratory. To begin the procedure, the dentist will remove an amount of enamel from the surface of the teeth approximately equal in thickness to the veneers used usually about half a millimeter. Next, the dentist will take an impression of the tooth in the form of a mold, which will serve as the basis for the design of the veneers. The delivery time for the finished veneer is usually two weeks.

At the time of installation, the dentist will roughen the tooth to encourage bonding, fix the veneers to the teeth and apply a curing light to harden the adhesive. Finally, the dentist will remove any excess adhesive, assess the fit, and make any final adjustments required.

As with tooth realignment, a potential drawback of veneers is the need to remove enamel, which is irreversible and may cause the teeth to become more sensitive to cold and hot foods and drinks. However, due to their durability and simple installation, membranes can be the ideal solution for the correct application. There may be a difference in the size of the enamel to be removed, but Lumineer offers less enamel removal. However, the veneers provide a longer time solution, and yet the lumineers are thinner and have less life.

Dental treatment in Turkey

There is a great development in dental treatment in Turkey; not only in the cosmetic field, but with regard to any problems you have with your teeth. Restorative dentistry mainly treats cases of restoring the function of a tooth by repairing or replacing damaged or missing teeth. Due to their inherent cosmetic effects, reconstructive procedures are usually incorporated into the Hollywood smile in Turkey. In this section, we will cover the following interchangeable and restorative renewal procedures:

  • Compound repairs
  • Dental crowns
  • Dental bridges
  • Dental implants

Meanwhile, these restorative solutions can provide additional support to the appearance of porcelain veneers in turkey. Dental repairs can provide more strength and stiffness so that the dental body is complete to receive any cosmetic functions during the operation.

Porcelain Veneers
The steps of the porcelain veneer in Turkey procedure

Porcelain veneer application is done as follows:

First of all, the teeth to be treated are cleaned by wiping with a special tool.

The necessary thinning is done on the tooth so that the porcelain veneer to be made later can fit. This thinning process usually varies between 0.5 mm and 0.7 mm.

After that the mold removal process comes. This process is done with traditional methods of molding or three-dimensional imaging technology.

Porcelain veneers, which come from the laboratory with their final polished form, are attached to the teeth with a special adhesive, and the process is completed.

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