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Ear Pinning Surgery Cost in Turkey | Medicsey

The ear pinning surgery cost in Turkey varies according to the place where the operation is performed and according to many changes, so we must read the following article to know some important things about ear pinning in Turkey.

Art Of Remedy
Why it's done

The prominent part of the ears, which is an important part of facial aesthetics, can both disturb the person aesthetically and cause psychological trauma to the person. A prominent ear condition, which occurs due to genetic predisposition, can be permanently resolved with prominent ear surgery called otoplasty.

The place where the ear cartilage attaches to the skull is very protruding

The place where the ear cartilage attaches to the skull is very protruding

The angle between the ear and the skull is high due to the absence of ear folds

The angle between the ear and the skull is high due to the absence of ear folds

The auricle is larger than it should be

The auricle is larger than it should be

Surgery Time

The ear surgery takes approximately 1-1.5 hours. The surgery is performed with a skin incision behind the ear. This incision is not seen after surgery and there is no need for stitches to be removed.

Recovery Take

The recovery time might take 5-7 days and a special ear bandage is used between 3-5 days after the surgery. This is very similar to the bandages worn while playing sports.

Hospitalization Needed

The period of time that you have to stay in turkey after you landing, approximately 3 to 5 days after that you can fly back home again.

The ear pinning surgery cost in Turkey varies according to the place where the operation is performed and according to many changes, so we must read the following article to know some important things about ear pinning in Turkey.

Ear Pinning

It is natural for us to feel a great deal of concern for our appearance and to have a small part of our self-confidence according to the way we appear in front of others, many people resort to otoplasty in Turkey, because it gives the best results that satisfy the patient’s aspirations at a very reasonable ear pinning surgery cost in Turkey, and although the demand for this type of plastic surgery is the lowest among other types, there remains a percentage of people who need to perform otoplasty.

The problem may be in hearing, as the patient suffers from a blockage in the ears, at that time, he resorts to otoplasty in Turkey to re-flatten the ears on the patient’s head, and thus restore his hearing, and here he finds the only solution in ear surgery in Turkey.

The goal of ear surgery in Turkey

The first goal of ear pinning in Turkey is to correct some congenital defects in the shape of the ear, so that the patient obtains a more consistent appearance between all parts of his head, and thus becomes more confident in himself and thus becomes more harmonious and productive in society, as statistics and scientific studies have proven that a person who suffers from one of the defects in his face or his appearance, in general, is an introverted person and ineffective in society, unlike a person who has a beautiful appearance and the parts of his face are consistent.

The different procedures for ear plastic surgery in Turkey

Ear pinning in Turkey is considered one of the most plastic surgeries that give acceptable results and have high safety rates and ear pinning surgery cost in Turkey is so reasonable. In which the surgeon tries to correct the defect that the patient suffers from and causes him a psychological problem, and there are many types of problems in the ear that the patient seeks to get rid of through surgery cosmetic surgery in Turkey, and among the most important defects that are used in ear plastic surgery to treat are the following:

  • Long ears that do not fit the shape of the head
  • The most prominent outward ear
  • Small ear too little
  • Ear deformed due to accidents
  • The absence of the ear flap from the ground up, and is a congenital defect that some people are born with.

Each condition of ear pinning turkey cost is different.

Candidate for Otoplasty in Turkey

Anyone of any age can undergo otoplasty in Turkey, but the younger the person is, the easier the process will be and give better results, because the ear cartilage is more flexible, and therefore control and reshaping are better, and the ear in young age under 14 years old, heal faster.

Steps to perform ear surgery in Turkey

Otoplasty in Turkey gives the highest success rate and satisfactory results to the fullest extent, because Turkish doctors are distinguished from others in the cosmetic medicine sector, and they have more experience than others, and the process of ear plastic surgery in Turkey goes through many stages, which are as follows:

The steps of the ear surgery start from the night before if the operation will take place in the morning, and on this night the patient eats dinner and drinks some water, after which he does not eat any other foods until the operation, and if something else happens and the patient eats any food, the operation is not done for fear of the patient’s health.

Otoplasty in Turkey takes between one and three hours in the operating room, depending on the type of surgery and what is required of it, and the patient is subjected to general anesthesia, but in some cases, the patient may be given local or partial anesthesia, and all this while the patient is on medical devices to monitor the heartbeat pressure, breathing, and others.

 As for the actual process steps:

They are as follows:

  • The doctor begins to perform the surgery according to the desired and agreed upon in advance with the patient.
  • At first, the doctor incisions the layer of skin behind the ear until the main cartilage of the ear appears, and then he cuts or scrapes the cartilage that is in excess of the normal size
  • Then reshapes the ear cartilage using different materials,
  • In the event that the ear is protruding forward, the doctor folds the cartilage and installs it in the right place.
  • Then sews the holes with medical threads that do not leave any traces later.
  • In most cases, the patient spends the rest of the day in the medical center, and at the end of it, the doctor allows him to go home, and before this, he gives him some instructions that he must adhere to after the operation until the next visit.

The most important advantages of having ear surgery in Turkey

Thousands of people come to Turkey every month in pursuit of one of the plastic surgeries, including ears pinned back in Turkey, because Turkey is distinguished from other countries in the region in the cosmetic medicine sector, the most important of which is that the Ministry of Health in Turkey only grants licenses to practice the profession to medical centers qualified to provide this type from plastic surgery, to prevent any such complaints, and for the ear pinning surgery cost in Turkey.

And certainly, all this is in the interest of patients, as they get the lowest ear pinning surgery cost in Turkey with the highest standards of safety and efficiency, with the required guarantees, and some prefer Turkey to perform ear surgery or other cosmetic operations in order to spend the recovery period and hospitalization in a tourist country in the first place first.

Problems and complications of ear pinning

  • Inflammation of the wound may occur, which may lead to the erosion of the cartilage (the treatment is antibiotics to prevent this cause).
  • Bleeding under the skin (it can be treated by pulling it out with needles or by opening the wound again and cauterizing the affected artery).
  • The death of the skin in some places is a result of its thinness, which leads to the appearance of scars and changes in the basic structure of the ear.
  • A visible scar behind the ear may occur, even after months and years, and treatment with cortisone, massage, or surgery.
  • The interruption of the internal surgical sutures before the ear is healed due to tension, pulling, or external trauma, so the result is an asymmetry between the ears.
  • Numbness or lack of sensation in the skin of the ear for a long time and may be permanent.
  • Relapse of the condition is a possible complication due to the disintegration of the sutures that were implanted in the cartilage, which leads to the return of the ear to its prominence partially or completely, or its irregular shape, or the loss of the fold in the cartilage, resulting in the appearance of sharp folds or cartilage deformities.
  • The patient's complete dissatisfaction with the result of ears pinned back in Turkey, which necessitates a secondary or additional operation for further modification if necessary.

The recovery period of ear pinning

  • Most patients can go home from the hospital within a few hours after surgery.
  • The patient needs leave from work for a period ranging from 3-7 days, depending on the patient's condition.
  • Pain and a feeling of tightness for 24-48 hours, the treatment is with antibiotics, and the pain can be controlled by taking analgesic drugs.
  • In the postoperative period, tampering with the ear, such as pulling or bending it, should be avoided.
  • In the first days, the head position should be maintained as high as possible during relaxation or sleep, for at least two weeks.
  • It is very important to put an external strap around the head to ensure that the ears remain in the correct position and protect them from any involuntary pulling. It is usually used for a week, day and night, and then for a week or two at night only. This lace is similar to a sports headband for tennis ballplayers. It contributes to masking the effects of surgery and returning to work or school quickly.

Ear pinning surgery cost in Turkey

The ear pinning surgery cost in Turkey varies according to several factors, the most important of which is the type of procedure required, and the larger the modification, the higher the cost. In general, the ear pinning surgery cost in Turkey is affordable and reasonable.

Ear pinning procedures in Turkey are considered one of the safest plastic surgeries, in which the patient is looking for a consistent appearance in the head so that his general appearance becomes more harmonious and beautiful, and ear pinning turkey cost varies from case to case, there are those who want to enlarge or reduce the ear, or reconstruct it, or put it in its right place, or even that the ear differs from the other in size, and ear pinning surgery cost in Turkey is much less expensive, It is different from other neighboring countries, and this makes it a destination for anyone who wants to improve his appearance and fix the defects in his ear.

Ear Pinning Ear Pinning
What are the advantages of ear surgery?

There are some advantages that the otoplasty procedure offers to the person. The advantages of otoplasty are as follows:

The person who decided to do the surgery will have an aesthetic appearance.

When applied to children, psychological problems that may occur are prevented.

Ear surgery mostly gives positive results.

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