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Teeth whitening in Turkey | Medicsey

The interest in the smile and the interest in teeth whitening in Turkey has become the interest of many people, and there are millions of people from...

Causes of teeth discoloration

Some people may think that they do not have the whiteness they desire, we find that this teeth whitening in Turkey comes into play in such cases, but first, let’s take a look at why it is difficult to maintain your teeth, there may be several factors behind why they are not preserved, and we will explain these factors:

Smokers also...

Smokers also struggle to keep their teeth clean, as tobacco contains substances such as tar and nicotine that cause tooth stains.

It may seem ...

It may seem obvious, but what you consume is a factor, and drinks like coffee, tea, and red wine contain chromogens that get stuck in the teeth and cause stains.

Your age is ...

Your age is another factor that has an impact on this as you age, the outer layer on your teeth, which is called enamel, becomes thinner and reveals the yellower layer underneath. 

Hollywood smile

The doctor treats the broken teeth and installs the missing teeth, and after adjusting the shape of the front teeth, the doctor places the ceramic layer on the teeth to make their perfect and wonderful shape.

Zoom method

In the zoom method, the doctor uses a gel made of peroxide and other materials, and this gel is placed on the teeth evenly after protecting the gums and isolating them from this substance.

Bright Smile method

The doctor puts the gel on the teeth with a certain light on the teeth, but this method differs from other methods as this process may extend to a full hour where the doctor puts the gel on the teeth and then removes it, and then puts it again, in order to make sure that the deposits and pigmentation are removed.

The interest in the smile and the interest in teeth whitening in Turkey has become the interest of many people, and there are millions of people from all over the world who prefer to go to Turkey to obtain the best medical services in general, and because Turkey it thanks to its diligence and access to high ranks in the medical field and thanks to its use of the latest technologies and means that provide excellent services in addition to strict laws that prevent errors and compel medical institutions to provide the best services and attention to every step.

Teeth whitening in Turkey

Teeth whitening is the process of brightening the color of the teeth. Teeth whitening can be a very effective way to brighten the natural color of the teeth without removing the surface of the teeth.

People often want to whiten their teeth when their teeth become yellow and discolored over time for a number of reasons.

Teeth whitening in Turkey benefits

  • You will get a brighter, more beautiful smile
  • The process is fast
  • Technical advances have avoided allergic reactions

Teeth whitening in Turkey disadvantages

  • Anterior dental fillings may hinder the desired results
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • The results are not permanent
  • Change the diet and avoid certain types of food

Methods of the Teeth whitening in Turkey 

Turkey and your medical treatment are distinguished by their use of the latest science and techniques in teeth whitening; teeth can be whitened in several ways, and the following are the ways of teeth whitening in Turkey:

Zoom method

  • The doctor places a special light on the teeth to help effectively whiten the teeth in Turkey.
  • The zoom method is characterized by removing tooth pigmentation and removing all stains from the teeth, and this method is also a quick way to get white teeth in a short time, but this method is not suitable for those who suffer from sensitive teeth.

Bright Smile method

  • Obtaining the Bright Smile method is by also applying a gel on the teeth to whiten them, and this gel consists of peroxide with a concentration of only 15%, and this method is suitable for those who suffer from sensitive teeth, as this gel does not cause any dental problems.

Hollywood smile

  • These ceramic crusts are made of porcelain or porcelain, and these crusts are pasted by a specific medical paste or by removing a very thin layer of enamel from the teeth, and then the doctor pastes these crusts and installs them on the teeth and thus the patient gets more consistent and whiter teeth and perfect.
  • Also, this method is one of the very famous methods of teeth whitening in turkey that many famous people around the world do, and this method not only whitens the teeth but also helps to get a perfect smile from all sides, where the doctor puts ceramic veneers on the teeth to make their appearance equal, perfect, bright and wonderful.

Teeth whitening gel method

  • You will need to make several visits to the dentist over the course of two months.
  • The dentist will take an impression of the teeth to make a mouth mold and tell you how to use it with the whitening gel.
  • Then, using an at-home oral mold, you apply the gel regularly for a set period of time of two to four weeks, and some types of whitening gel can be left in for up to eight hours at a time, shortening the treatment period to one week.

Laser teeth whitening method

Laser technology has become one of the latest technologies used in the cosmetic world and the most common method of the teeth whitening in Turkey.

The problem of yellowing of the teeth is one of the most common problems at the present time, and despite the multiplicity of means that can solve this problem, they are not effective methods.

Therefore, the use of laser technology has been resorted to whiten teeth that suffer from yellowing, and although there are many people who do not have the problem of yellowing teeth to the extent that they resort to undergoing laser whitening, but they accept to undergo it in order to obtain an attractive appearance of their teeth.

Disadvantages of laser teeth whitening in Turkey

  • Laser teeth whitening in Turkey does not work in all cases, as we mentioned before that teeth that tend to be gray or brown do not work with laser technology to whiten them.
  • It is necessary to undergo the laser teeth whitening technique at the hands of a precise doctor so that the laser does not cause infections in the gums.
  • It is necessary to undergo laser teeth whitening sessions at varying intervals in order to maintain the result and not to return the teeth again to their yellow color.
  • Teeth whitening turkey cost is very high and this makes many people cannot afford it, especially in the case of people who need to undergo more than one whitening session.

The laser teeth whitening Turkey cost

As we mentioned in the previous lines, one of the most negative aspects of laser teeth whitening in Turkey is its high cost, especially in the case of people who suffer from pigmentation and need to undergo more than one whitening session to get the result they want.

The clinic or the cosmetic center in which the bleaching takes place is one of the most factors that determine the teeth whitening turkey price, and the doctor’s efficiency, accuracy, and fame make the cost of laser teeth whitening different.

In addition to the fact that the material used in the bleaching process and the bleaching device are among the second most important factors that lead to the difference in laser teeth whitening turkey price.

Turkey teeth whitening price 

Turkey teeth whitening price, in general, differs between the methods you choose, and clinics, even the doctor that is going to whiten your teeth.

The difference between professional teeth whitening in Turkey and home whitening

Teeth whitening in Turkey is basically a procedure that improves the color of the teeth. Home teeth whitening products contain hydrogen peroxide, which is a whitening agent to remove stains from the teeth. Hydrogen peroxide is a highly corrosive acid and can damage enamel and gums if used in high concentrations and for long periods.

As a result, over-the-counter teeth whitening in Turkey products contain very low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide. These products won't harm the gums, but they won't remove much yellowing of the teeth either. It allows dentists to use higher concentrations of bleaching agents to make teeth appear whiter. Dentists also use special protectors to protect your gums during the procedure. However, modern dental whitening procedures that are done in a specialized clinic do not include liquid whitening agents at all and instead dentists these days use the laser whitening process which is considered to be safer.

In the end, before undertaking any method of teeth whitening in turkey, a person must make sure that he can undergo it and that it will not cause any harm to his teeth.

Teeth Whitening
Advantages of laser teeth whitening in Turkey:

Laser technology has become one of the latest technologies used in the cosmetic world and the most common method of the teeth whitening in Turkey.

There are no harms resulting from laser teeth whitening if used carefully

The use of laser teeth whitening in Turkey is useful in many cases of yellowing

The person can enjoy the result of the session immediately after its completion and does not need to use other traditional methods in order to maintain the result.

The use of laser teeth whitening in turkey saves the person's time and effort and makes him give up resorting to other traditional methods and wasting time in them without obtaining the desired result.

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