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Penis enlargement surgery in Turkey

Penis enlargement is the most effective way to increase penis size. The aesthetics of the genitals in men have developed significantly in recent years

Art Of Remedy
Advantages of penis enlargement surgery in Turkey

Here are the main advantages of penis enlargement in Turkey:

Facilitating some services, as many people find it difficult to travel in residence and movement, but Turkey provides this.

Facilitating some services, as many people find it difficult to travel in residence and movement, but Turkey provides this.

 The cost of penis enlargement in Turkey is low compared to other countries and suitable for all patients.

The cost of penis enlargement in Turkey is low compared to other countries and suitable for all patients.

Turkey is distinguished by its specialized doctors, advanced equipment, and distinguished services

Turkey is distinguished by its specialized doctors, advanced equipment, and distinguished services

While receiving penis enlargement in Turkey, visit the country's archaeological landmarks. Turkey is a beautiful tourist country.

Turkey is one of the first countries to offer the best international surgeries now.

There are a large number of centers and hospitals equipped with the best modern technologies to perform penis enlargement surgery in Turkey.

There are many ways to enlarge the penis in Turkey that aim to increase the length of the penis. others aim to increase the circumference of the penis, and others work to increase the size of the glans.

What is penis enlargement in Turkey?

The penis consists of three different sections: the glans (head of the penis), the cavernous body and the urethra (urinary canal). Depending on the causes of growth, the penis can appear in different lengths. and shapes Plastic surgery aimed at increasing the length or size of the male genital organ (penis). Penis enlargement is performed under two headings: penis lengthening and thickening the penis.


Requirements for undergoing penis enlargement in Turkey

There are some conditions that must be met to perform penis enlargement surgery in Turkey, including:

  • The person must be over 21 years old.
  • Be circumcised.
  • The person should not have any serious health problems.
  • If you have a history of undergoing any penile operations. you should see your doctor and tell him about it


What are the causes of penis enlargement?

  • Loss of self-confidence
  • The length of the erect penis is 7 cm or less.
  • Dissatisfaction with sexuality.


Penis enlargement surgery in Turkey


Penis enlargement methods in Turkey

Among the surgical methods of penis enlargement are the following methods:

Graft Technology

It involves taking fat from another body and then the fat is purified and transported or grafted into the penis through an incision above the pubis and placed inside the penis resulting in significant hypertrophy.


Protrusion surgery

In this method of penis enlargement. the penile ligaments are dissolved from the inside, then a device called Andrew Pence's device. is used and the ligaments inside the penis are gradually tightened. but performing this surgery has some risks.



In the penis enlargement method, the surgeon suctions the fat surrounding the penis area. in which case the penis will appear thick and large.


Andrew Pence's device

This device is used from six months to a full year daily, and for up to five hours. as this device operates constant pressure or tension to lengthen the penis and increase its circumference. and then the cells in its tissues multiply and thus increase up to one centimeter to four centimeters. and its circumference increases one to two centimeters.


The use of silicon

Penis enlargement is more expensive in terms of cost compared to previous methods. in which the penis is injected with silicone gradually over several sessions. and tissue is built around the silicone that is injected. and thus the size of the penis is increased by one centimeter.


Dermal transplant

The dermis is one of the layers of the skin, which is implanted under the skin of the penis. and in this surgery the size of the penis is enlarged by two or three millimeters. and this surgery has several complications, and the recovery period needs a fairly long period.


Liposuction penis enlargement

The fat that surgeons suction from the abdomen is injected into the penis to increase its size. and the amount of fat injected into the penis is greater than the actual need. because after time the body will absorb approximately 50% of the fat injected for enlargement.


Penis enlargement with stretching exercise

The man pulls the penis several times using his index finger and thumb, this causes amplitude in the blood tissue of the penis. which leads to an increase in its length and size. but there is no scientific evidence that this exercise has an effective role in magnification.


Penis enlargement by extension

The method of penis enlargement by extension depends on surrounding the penis with a frame or putting a small weight. and this method is not without side effects as it may cause permanent damage.



In this method, a vacuum is made around the penis. so that blood is drawn to the penis, and then inflated and enlarged. and it has a positive role on patients with impotence. But it can be associated with the problem of erectile dysfunction due to damage to penile tissue, if pumps are used too much.


Penile lengthening surgery

The length of the penis is increased by 2 centimeters. and this method includes cutting the ligaments that connect the penis to the pubic bone. and the skin is grafted at the base of the penis to allow it to be lengthened. but the size of the erect penis will not change.


Hardrock Technology

 The main purpose of this method is to give a permanent volume of subcutaneous tissue of the penis, unlike other techniques and surgeries.
 After measuring the length of the patient's penis in an erection, the substance we call plasma gel membrane, which is taken from the patient's blood before surgery, is placed and prepared with a special preparation protocol, proportional to the patient's desired thickness.
The most beautiful and exciting part of this method is that the materials used are organic and have CE, FDA and ISO certificates. Another good thing is that the thickness is equal throughout the penis, it can be adjusted according to the wishes of the patient and, of course, it is durable because the material does not melt.


Penis enlargement surgery in Turkey


Cost of Penis Enlargement in Turkey

Here is the cost of some penis enlargement methods at Medicsey Center:

Method used


Fat transfer with extension


Graft technology

5,000 €


Risks of penis enlargement surgery

Among the most prominent of these risks and complications that you may see when performing penis enlargement surgery:

  • Rupture of the veins of the penis.
  • Rupture of tissue in the penis (penile fracture).

There are also some side effects caused by penis enlargement surgery:

  • Swelling.
  • Change in the shape of the penis.
  • Bleeding.
  • Numbness and loss of sensation in the penis.
  • Pain during an erection.
  • Scarring of penile tissue.


In conclusion, Turkey is one of the developed countries in the field of genital beautification. It offers several advanced laboratories and hospitals such as Medicsey Center. which is the best penis enlargement center in Turkey. For more information about penis enlargement in Turkey. you can contact Medicsey Center for free and immediate consultation.


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Penis Enlargement
The most important tips to follow after penis enlargement surgery in Turkey

There are some points that patients should pay attention to after surgery, including:

It is recommended to stay away from activities that require physical strength. This is because the first weeks are very important to prevent muscle and tissue damage.

It is advised to stay away from smoking and alcohol. In order to obtain the desired effect from the procedures.

you should avoid clothing that will cause stress on the place of operation.

It is very important to practice certain exercises during the first three months after surgery and drink fluids after filling and thickening surgery.

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