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Best Dental Implants in Turkey | Medicsey

Without any pain and without suturing the gums, we do dental implants in Turkey using the surgical guide and the latest technologies and 3D imaging devices. Get a free consultation for dental implants in Turkey Istanbul and restore your smile with us again.

What are the benefits/advantages of dental implants in Turkey?

Implanted te...

Implanted teeth are no different from natural teeth and do not require any additional care or treatment.

Some other d...

Some other dental treatments need to be repeated at regular intervals. But; implanted teeth usually do not need to be repeated.

Dental impla...

Dental implants have a long life if they are well taken care of.

Only disease...

Only diseased teeth are treated, other teeth are not affected.


World-class technologies used for dental treatments by the top-rated dentists.


There is a 99% success rate of restoring your teeth with full mouth dental implants.

Great dental implants package deals, especially on Dental travels.

Many factors may affect the external beauty of a person, including, of course, the loss of teeth, which causes embarrassment and extreme shyness, especially while smiling and laughing, so dental implants in Turkey in their new form and after the remarkable medical and cosmetic development did not leave any problem unresolved, this article will be directed especially for all those who wish to have dental implants in Turkey. Dental implants in Turkey represent a permanent solution to restore one or more missing teeth. The implant is made of titanium that is surgically attached to the jawbone, to which an artificial crown or another dental device can be attached. Implants can be fitted to restore individual teeth or to support bridges, removable dentures, or fixed dentures.

Dental implants in Turkey improve the dysfunction of replacement teeth such as bridges. Because they are carved into the jawbone as stand-alone teeth, they do not need support from adjacent teeth such as bridges, therefore do not need to replace additional teeth for installation. The time that is taken for getting dental implants depends on a variety of factors, but it generally requires multiple appointments and procedures over several months. At the initial consultation, the dentist will take an X-ray and possibly a CT scan to assess the density and quantity of the jawbone and identify the sinuses and nerve's location. The dentist at the Medicsey Clinic will use this information to determine the best placement for the implant.



Dental implants Turkey

A metal rod made of titanium is used in the dental implant process, as it is installed on the jaw bones and is used as a support for one or more of the artificial teeth that have been installed. Dental implants in Turkey are a relatively uncomplicated process where a supportive rod is installed for the dentures, which is known as the implants. This rod provides firm support for one or more of the dentures that have been installed. It also contributes to preventing the slipping of dentures and bridges while speaking or during eating food.

This procedure applies to anyone who has lost a tooth or group of teeth. Indeed, Turkey is one of the countries that succeeded in achieving a huge development in plastic surgery in a short period of time which made it the attraction of attention and the first choice for many clients from whole over the world. with the best dental implant centers in Turkey, getting a better appearance without problems and effective results that last for long periods has become very easy.


Dental implants using the surgical guide

In the process of dental implants in Turkey, and in some cases, there might be a need to use a surgical guide. This guide will help the dentist accurately determine the placement of the implant by creating a computer predictive result showing the angle, depth and appropriate position to place the implant. With the remarkable development in three-dimensional systems, it became possible to design prosthetics before treatment. Thanks to this development, the placement and application of the implant became easier and without any cutting and suturing to the gums.


What is the surgical guide in Turkey?

A dental implants surgical guide is an effective tool used by surgeons and dentists to precisely determine the position and angle of the implant before it is actually installed. This technique allows for more accurate and professional dental implants. By using the surgical guide in Turkey that is taken from the patient's mouth, the places of implants are accurately determined without any need to touch the soft tissues and without causing any damage to the gums.


Advantages of dental implants surgical guide

Precision implants: The surgical guide in Turkey enables the dentist to make sure that the implant is appropriate and in the correct position to achieve satisfactory results for everyone.

Long-term results: The implant is placed in the most optimal way, with the help of the surgical guide, which helps the implant to last as long as possible while avoiding its exposure to fracture or damage.

Short functional recovery: The precision provided by the surgical guide in turkey helps in a quick recovery and restores oral functions such as chewing and biting in a short period to work efficiently again.

Short treatment period: Using the dental implants surgical guide allows the doctor to know in advance the location of the implant and the appropriate depth for the implant, and thus provides a faster and more effective treatment.

Fewer risks: The implantation process is directed by a computer when using the dental implants surgical guide, and this contributes greatly to knowing the structure before placing the implant, thus avoiding unexpected problems during the implantation process.

Lower cost: The use of the surgical guide in Turkey allows a good preparation of the implant site in a way that allows the dentist to avoid any unexpected results and therefore accurate implants avoid patients spending more on future treatments.



What is an implant made of?

The teeth used in the implantation process in laboratories are made of materials commensurate with the tissues of the gums and jaw to avoid infections and damage to the adjacent teeth. Titanium is one of the most famous materials used because it fits very quickly with the bone and does not cause problems in the mouth such as infection and bleeding, as it is an extraneous element to the body. Dental implants in Turkey teeth also consist of several sections:

The body: It is one of the most important components of the implanted tooth. It is made of titanium, healing quickly with the mouth bones and installed in the gum's lower part.

Screw: This part is placed on the body where the last part of the tooth structure is fixed on it, and therefore it must be ensured that it is solid enough.

The Cover: This part is connected with the screw and the body and is considered as a compensating cover that is installed as a kind of compensation and is the most important part in this process

The new tooth: It is the artificial part that is installed in the last step of the process, thus obtaining a new tooth equipped in the best possible way and in the most beautiful shape

Let us now discuss the problem of tooth loss more in terms of the causes, the steps involved, the steps of the procedure, and all its details.


Causes of tooth loss

Teeth are one of the blessings of God Almighty on the human being, through them; the exits of the letters of the speaking person are sound and enable him to speak tactfully. They also beautify the appearance of the mouth and make the person distinguished with a wonderful laugh.
Many factors, unfortunately, lead a person to the loss of a tooth or a group of teeth and of course negatively affect the appearance of the mouth and make the person hesitate even to talk and want to close the mouth constantly which makes the person start the search for dental implants turkey, and the most prominent of these reasons are:

  • Had an accident that led to the loss of teeth.
  • Exposure to severe dental caries weakens the teeth and leads to them falling out or having to remove them to avoid damage to the rest of the teeth.
  • Infection with various gum diseases affects the strength of the teeth and causes them to fall out.
  • With age, the teeth weaken and begin to fall out one by one.
  • Infection with some diseases that cause teeth to fall out, such as diabetes.


Dental treatment turkey and disease prevention

  • The first step before dental implants in turkey is dental treatment. It is recommended to brush the teeth several times a day and focus in particular on cleaning them before bed, as a dry mouth during sleep is a stimulating environment for the reproduction of bacteria that cause gum and dental disease. 
  • Cleaning the teeth is mainly using a brush (with soft or medium-bristled bristles) and toothpaste, so it is recommended that doctors provide the required care for the oral stomach and dental floss on a daily basis.
  • Review the dentist periodically to ensure the health and treatment of the teeth. Dental treatment turkey varies according to the degree of injury, some therapists may suffice in the middle stage, or you may need to treat surgical operations in pathological cases.
  • After you see the safety of your teeth and gums, you can start performing cosmetic dental procedures recommended by the dentist after consulting him and taking the appropriate procedures to obtain the most appropriate dental implants in Turkey.



Dental implants in Turkey

Dental implants in Turkey are the radical solution to all tooth loss problems and for the long term, temporary and short-term solutions do not work in many cases, and they make the patient constantly tense and spend a lot of money from time to time.

  • The goal of dental implants turkey, focuses primarily on replacing natural teeth that are lost for any of the above reasons with artificial teeth that play the same role and compensate for the loss and also contribute to slowing bone loss and preserving nearby dental tissues that are still healthy.
  • Through the process of dental implants in Turkey, the focus is on the jaw bones and their support to make the dentures that are installed look natural in the mouth and not look strange in shape, and perhaps the distinctive feature of this process is that it takes place during one session, but it needs a period before that for the great fusion to occur.
  • This bone fusion takes place between the implant structure and the living bone in the jaw and usually takes three to six months to complete, and then a date is set for the implantation process and a final crown is placed on the tooth to take the natural appearance.
  • Of course, the success of the dental implant process in Turkey is primarily related to the success of the fusion process, and this process can be performed at any age, provided the bone growth is completed.
  • After the bone fusion is completed and the jaw is well prepared, the implantation process begins by making a small diameter hole known as the pilot hole in the jaw devoid of teeth, and through it, a titanium screw carrying the implant or crown is directed to the place designated for it.


Who can perform dental implants in turkey?

People who suffer from decay, fracture, and osteoporosis can undergo this operation. The jawbone should be the appropriate length and width and have enough space for implants. As for patients with a small jaw, prior treatments must be performed to create a suitable area in the tissues to receive the implant (bone synthesis). A study showed that smoking can shorten the life of dental implants and may prevent healthy treatment. Dental implants in Turkey can be used to replace one or more missing teeth or the entire tooth.

In the absence of an appropriate amount of jawbone, the missing bone is replaced with artificial bone or by using bone from other areas of the body. Or you must wait until enough bone is produced and then the transplant is done. This operation is done under the supervision of a dentist in Turkey who will work to give the best dental implants in Turkey.


After dental implants in Turkey and the recovery stage

With the end of the process, a new, more important stage begins, as adhering to the instructions specified after dental implants in Turkey is one of the most important factors for the success of the operation and the completion of the recovery phase, and for this, you must follow the following:

  • Commitment to oral hygiene constantly with the use of floss and brush designated to clean the teeth on an ongoing basis to avoid infection or problems in the process of integration.
  • Commitment to take all the painkillers prescribed by the doctor to avoid feeling pain or infections after the operation.
  • You should avoid eating any solid food in the first days after the operation and be careful to eat soft, easy-to-chew food.
  • It is recommended to quit smoking and alcohol after dental implants in Turkey because they prevent the bone fusion process that occurs between the implant structure and the jaw bone.

There is no doubt that all the developments in cosmetic medicine are reflected in its positive effects on humans in the first place. Thanks to this development, we have solutions to many problems such as tooth loss which is dental implants in Turkey.

If you are considering getting dental implants in Turkey, you need to understand what this procedure involves and what it includes, specifically the dental implants cost in Turkey, full mouth dental implants, and know about patients' experiences. Keep in mind everything we have explained in this article as you explore your options for replacing missing teeth before dental implants in Turkey.


After dental implants "some problems or defects"

  • The sensory nerve is not connected to the jaw with natural teeth, but it is connected to metal and this leads to not feeling the things that can stick into the tooth, and this causes some difficulty in cleaning. Therefore, attention should be paid to the cleaning of the implanted teeth, as it is very necessary, and in the case of ignoring the tooth, infections occur in the mouth.
  • Some problems and infections occur when the implanted tooth is lost.
  • Whatever material is used, the tooth used is still artificial, and this sometimes negatively affects the patient's jaw.




Dental implants and cosmetic dentistry turkey

Dental implants Turkey is the best and most popular dental cosmetic solution because of the compensation for missing teeth without affecting the rest of the adjacent teeth. There are two methods of dental implants in Turkey, direct implantation or delayed implantation. In the first case, the doctor performs the implantation process immediately after the process of extracting the damaged teeth without the need for an interval of time. In the second case, the patient needs a few months after the extraction process and before starting the implantation process. It is up to the doctor to choose the appropriate method according to the patient's oral and health condition.

The material cost of each method of cosmetic dentistry turkey varies according to the patient's condition, the materials used, and the time required to complete the cosmetic procedure. Teeth whitening is the least expensive procedure among them, while dental implants in Turkey are the most expensive process of cosmetic dentistry.


How is the process of dental implants done in Turkey?

The dental implants in Turkey take place in several steps;

  • The doctor asks you to send an x-ray or panoramic image of the jaw. If there is tooth loss, you will be asked for a tomography.
  • Often, several procedures are selected together with the aim of dental implants in Turkey, and a dental crown procedure can be enough in many cases. But, sometimes dental implants are required.
  • Treatment begins when the initial examination is carried out and the Thermograph pictures are taken of the jaw.
  • The process of dental installation begins with dental care turkey like simple treatments such as canal treatment, and the extraction of damaged teeth.
  • If there are no infections, we start the transplantation process on the second day directly.
  • The duration of one tooth implantation is 7-10 minutes according to different clinics.
  • The doctor determines the location of the implants to start the process.
  • The doctor applies a local anesthetic to the gums, which is the surgical site.
  • The doctor begins by drilling the bone regularly to install the implant, which is the basis of the tooth, after opening the gums.
  • In the last step, the doctor places the implant and closes the wound until the implant is fused with the jawbone, which takes three to six months. By using the dental implants surgical guide in Turkey we reduce the time of fusing and protect the soft tissues of gum.
  • After the dental implant operation, measurements are taken again in order to make bridges and crowns.
  • Then the crowns are made directly in the dentistry lab.
  • Crowns and bridges that will be placed on the natural roots of the tooth can be installed the next day.
  • For crowns and bridges that will be placed on the metal implants, we have to wait at least three months for the bone to build on the metal.
  • Finally, in the process of installing crowns and bridges, whether after the next day or after three months, the teeth manufactured in the laboratory will be installed for the first time on the jaw.


Criteria that threaten the failure of dental implants

  • If the patient has osteoporosis or diabetes. Where both lead to weak bones, in which titanium screws are implanted, thus losing their ability to withstand dental implants in Turkey.
  • Incomplete bone growth of the upper and lower jaws, and this is in people under the age of 18 years.
  • The presence of infections in the gums that have not been treated leads to the failure of the dental implant process.
  • Smoking and drug abuse impede the success of dental implants in Turkey.
  • Infection of the immune system.
  • Not paying attention to oral health, and taking care of cleaning these teeth, leads to gum infections.
  • Your choice of a clinic or an unreliable place.


Dental treatment in Turkey

If you have an inquiry about the cost of dental implants in Turkey in particular and its comparison with the cost in other countries, you are not alone. Inquiry about the cost of dental implants in Turkey is one of the most common questions we receive daily. Many patients looking for accurate pricing estimates are often unaware of the differences in the cost of dental procedures, whether by implanting a single tooth without any other attachments or when the procedure includes additional abutments such as placement of a crown and other non-calculated procedures. Also, dentist prices in Turkey vary from one doctor to another, and according to the clinic and the services provided.



What determines the dental implants cost in Turkey?

Dental implants in Turkey have become an ideal solution for patients who suffer from missing one tooth or a number of teeth, but the high cost of this process prevents many from enjoying the advantages it offers. Despite the high prices of this procedure, it guarantees beautiful and long-lasting final results. Istanbul offers low prices for dental implants compared to the surrounding areas. However, there are some factors that directly affect the dental implants cost in Turkey:

The number of dental implants: The total cost of treatment depends mainly on the number of implants required and the materials chosen for treatment. To find out the required number of implants that are appropriate for your condition, you can contact Medicsey clinics to obtain all the necessary information. Dental implant prices in Turkey are relatively fixed as long as all implants are installed in the same session.

The costs of preparing the case for implantation: The patient may need prior treatments before implantation, such as extraction if the teeth are in a condition that does not allow them to be repaired, but in most cases, the extraction is not necessary. Some patients experience a decrease in bone density and tissue volume after tooth loss. In such cases, the need to transplant new tissue is necessary, and these cases are detected using X-rays.

Anesthesia methods used: During the dental implant process, some patients want to have a dental sedative to ensure comfort during the operation, and the type of anesthesia chosen by the patient plays a role in increasing the total cost of treatment. Health insurance can cover the cost of certain types of anesthesia.


Dental implants prices in Turkey

Prices of Dental Implants

Prices in Turkey

Prices in Europe / UK

Prices in the US

Prices in Canada

Single Tooth Implant Price

300$ – 1000$ 

1000$ – 3500$

2500$ – 6500$

2500$ – 6000$

All-on-4 Dental Implants Price

3000$ – 6500$

6000$ – 20000$

10.000$ – 30.000$

10.000$ – 30.000$

All-on-6 Dental Implants Price

4500$ – 9000$

13000$ – 22000$

20.000$ – 40.000$

23.000$ – 40.000$

Full Mouth Implant Price

6000$ – 10000$

10000$ – 35000£

60.000$ – 110.000$

50.000$ – 100.000$

Consultation Fee


50$ – 150$

100$ – 500$

100$ – 450$


Dental implant cost standards in Turkey

  • At first, the cost of dental implants and restorations can be much higher than traditional treatment options. However, dental implants in Turkey would be more cost-effective when we compare the costs over a lifetime because they usually last longer compared to other dental restorations. A dental bridge is usually replaced on average every 15-20 years due to failure over time.
  • Some of the most common causes of dental bridge failure include frequent decay, damage to the teeth around the gums, and an unsatisfied appearance. Dentures are usually replaced every 7-10 years and common reasons for dentures needing replacement include poor fitting, bone changes, broken or worn dentures, and unsatisfied appearance. Therefore, when we consider the lifetime costs of these options, dental implants can be the most cost-effective option.
  • The total cost of dental implants can vary depending on the area, the exact location of the operation, and the complexity of the overall case. The average cost of dental implants in Turkey usually ranges from affordable to expensive. It is difficult to guess the exact costs because every transplant case is different and can present its own challenges. We should also consider the cost of any additional procedures, such as bone grafting, sinus lift, etc., that may be necessary.
  • Some dentists perform the implant at a low price. The cost may or may not include any necessary additional procedures such as bone grafts or sinus spurs, consultations, any x-rays necessary for diagnosis, or medical procedures that are avoided. If the center offers a lower cost, make sure you get all the answers to your questions and check the experiences of previous patients.


Dental implants Turkey prices 

  • According to the Turkish Dental Association, the cost of typical dental implants in Turkey can range from affordable to expensive, and from single dental implants to full dental implants, as is the case in most countries of the world. But many factors may affect this price range such as dentist prices in Turkey. Dental implants are a delicate and important procedure and can overpay for the cost already required if there are any additions or complications. Additionally, remember that dental implants are only viewed as a cosmetic procedure and not a medical necessity, which means that many insurance companies will not pay the dental implant bill.
  • The situation is different when considering dental implants in Turkey, where the cost is much lower. This is due to the intense competition that exists between doctors and dental implant centers in Turkey to obtain the largest number of patients and reduce the cost as much as possible to attract the largest number of them. Therefore, dental implants are available in Turkey at a low cost. You just have to do your research for it and find the right place.
  • The cost of dental implants in Turkey is still among the cheapest countries in the world in this field. The cost of dental implants in Turkey is lower in price than what you find in the United States, for example, if you compare the price of dental implants in Turkey, the prices of a dentist in Turkey will be much lower than in any other country as is the case in most countries such as the United States And Britain, Australia and other large countries. Therefore, you will save a lot of money with the possibility of obtaining luxurious accommodation and a wonderful trip in Turkey without incurring large expenses.


The best countries for cosmetic dentistry turkey to be performed in

Dental service turkey especially Istanbul, is characterized as an integrated regional center for performing all cosmetic surgeries, including dental implant surgeries. Istanbul is distinguished by the fact that its medical equipment for dental implants is of the highest level, in addition to the highly qualified doctors there.


Full awareness of the latest scientific methods in the field of dental implants, and despite the efficiency of the surgeons involved in dental implants in Turkey, the material cost of this surgery is almost half the cost in other countries, and this is because it does not depend on foreign doctors who are brought in from abroad.


In the end, cosmetic dentistry turkey, like other cosmetic operations, must be reviewed by a specialist to choose and implement the most appropriate procedure, and it is not possible to maintain its results without first maintaining the health of the mouth and teeth. 


To sum up, we have talked about dental implants in general, the cost of dental implants in Turkey, and dental implants that cover the entire mouth. It is important to choose a good dentist with experience in implants and a good clinic with modern machines.



About Medicsey Clinics

Our distinguished dental clinic is located in Istanbul, in the tourist paradise spot. Among our medical center:

  • Offering all treatments at very competitive prices in relation to the surrounding areas
  • Financial savings of up to 70%
  • Design a new smile in a period ranging from one to six days
  • Providing the best services and high-quality products
  • Experienced and experienced doctors
  • Free transfer service

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Dental Implants
Before dental implants in Turkey

There are several steps that must be followed before undergoing a dental implant operation in Turkey so that it is performed on a sound health basis, including:

Consult a doctor so that a thorough examination and examination of the jaw and the condition of the gums and teeth is carried out to evaluate bone density.

Undergoing x-rays and computed tomography to ensure that there is sufficient bone structure to place the implant, and then determine the exact place where it should be placed.

Treating any health problems related to the mouth and gums, whether it is tooth decay or gum disease.

In the event of any health problems such as diabetes and cancer, they must be addressed at the outset, before starting the steps of integration and cultivation.

It is recommended to stop smoking before the bone fusion procedure so as not to negatively affect the implantation of the teeth in the jawbones.

  • How is the dental implant process done?

    To install artificial metal roots used in dental implants, the jawbone must be of appropriate length and width and have sufficient space for implants. Otherwise, it is not possible to implant a tooth or start the process until the bone infrastructure has been prepared.

  • How long does dental implant treatment take?

    On average, implants in Turkey may last 4-6 months. The installation of artificial metal roots or implants takes a very short period of time, but the healing of the jawbone and the implant, or the so-called bone fusion, may take a long time. But this period is worth the wait because dental implants are a very powerful and effective treatment. In some other cases, treatments can be completed in just one day. The most appropriate treatment should be determined by examining the patient.

  • Is dental implant painful treatment?

    Dental implants in Turkey are performed under local anesthesia. The patient may notice sensitivity in his teeth after anesthesia, which is very normal. He may also feel a very slight and normal pain, which can be overcome with regular painkillers. In some rare cases, dental implants may fail. The implant is then removed, and the open space for implantation recovers spontaneously over time.

  • How long does the result of dental implant treatment last?

    The age of the implanted teeth is like the real teeth if the patient cares about the cleanliness of his teeth and takes good care of them. But; In the event of damage to the implanted tooth over time, only the portion of the tooth is replaced and the portion of the artificial root made of titanium material remains embedded in the jaw. Thus, teeth are renewed with a short process and at a lower cost.

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