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Zirconium Crowns in Turkey | Medicsey

Zirconium crowns in Turkey are the best quality products that have been reached in cosmetic dentistry with their natural strength, texture and appearance.

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What are the advantages of zirconium crowns in Turkey?

At Medicsey we offer a wide range of tooth dressing options that suit all ages and tastes, as zirconium crowns in Turkey are among the finest materials used in dentistry.

Zirconium cr...

Zirconium crowns teeth in turkey comply with human body cells, meaning there is no need to worry about allergies or any negative reactions.

These crowns...

These crowns look closer to the natural teeth as they naturally match your current teeth, as there are no metal or black lines on the edge of the gum line.

Zirconium cr...

Zirconium crowns are not subject to mitigation or fall (e.g. dentures).

These crowns...

These crowns have high durability when compared to ceramic crowns, they are exceptionally strong and stable.


It is very important to know how to take good care of zirconia teeth; In order to maintain an excellent aesthetic appearance for a long time. Just like your natural teeth, zirconium crowns in Turkey require a lot of attention and care.

Zirconium crowns turkey are one of the best treatments used in the cosmetic world because they are a treatment method that has positive effects on dental health because zirconium is a substance that is highly consistent with gums and does not harm them in any way.

Gum diseases that appear around zirconium crowns tooth are much lower than in metal crowns. People who are allergic to metal also avoid metal-coated tooth veneers. 

Zircon teeth are one of the best quality products that have been reached in cosmetic dentistry so far. Zirconium crowns in Turkey are an indispensable component of cosmetic dentistry with their natural strength, texture, and appearance. Zirconium bridges, and crowns, which are distinguished by their nature, light transmittance, and color, are used in smile design and dental aesthetics.

Zirconium crowns in Turkey are manufactured from the finest materials used in dentistry. Zirconium crowns turkey can be used alone, or mixed with other materials, and have different uses and types, such as bridges and crowns, as well as dental implants.

At Medicsey we offer a wide range of dental treatment options that suit all ages.

What is zirconium?

Zirconium (zirconium dioxide) is a special structure that cannot be easily found in nature but when combined with oxygen zirconia is formed and thus becomes a suitable material for dental use.
This substance has been worked on to improve chemically and technologically and thus make it more solid and suitable for cosmetic use in dentistry. Thanks to its light permeability, the teeth appear to be natural with a very durable and solid structure and resistant to breakage, heat and coolness, which is not corrosive. 


What are zirconium crowns in Turkey?

Zirconium crowns in Turkey are widely used in dentistry recently, these crowns have come to the forefront day by day in terms of providing aesthetic appearance, thanks to their ability to give the teeth the perfect color and shape that corresponds to the natural color of the teeth. Because zirconium is a metal that reflects light, it also allows you to get an aesthetic smile on the front teeth, at the same time as zirconium is a material that is difficult to break, it is suitable for use on the back teeth without worry.


Types of zirconium crowns in Turkey

In your medical treatment, we offer a wide range of dental dressing options that suit all ages and tastes, as zirconium crowns in Turkey are one of the finest materials used in dentistry, and they can be used alone or mixed with other materials, and it has different uses and types, such as bridges and crowns, in addition to dental implants.

  • Zirconium dental bridge

Zircon bridges are ideally designed to replace missing teeth, as bridges are installed on the remaining natural teeth, or through implants, in the absence of natural teeth, in addition to several advantages and features that we will mention in our article.

  • Zirconium dental crowns

Zirconium crowns in Turkey are one of the most important types of crowns that have been recommended recently. People prefer zirconium crowns in turkey if they want beautiful teeth that are closer to nature, and therefore; your medical care is keen to carefully evaluate each case; To provide the most appropriate treatment for them.


Choose the right color for zirconium 

Many people wonder how to choose the right color for crowns, bridges, or crusts, the color of natural teeth is a much darker bone color than most people think, and the success of treatment depends a lot on choosing the right color for new crowns or bridges with the same normal tooth color unless you want to change the teeth completely. This is what we see in most patients coming from abroad, where they take advantage of the doctor's expertise and the quality of the zircon crown in Turkey and seek to install zirconium for the whole mouth.



Zirconium implants over dental implants

  • The reason why zirconium fittings are recommended over titanium implants in dental implants is primarily because of their durability.
  • This material has high bearing properties, which makes it particularly effective when used in dental implants.
  • It is also known that the material fuses easily with the bone, which means that it must be completely integrated into the jawbone;
  •  you also won't need to worry about pain when drinking hot or cold drinks, which can happen from time to time with other implants.
  • Since these materials have a white color, any future gum recession will only reveal white implants, which should blend well with the rest of your teeth. With standard titanium implants, the metal is silver, which means the implant will be highly visible in the event of gum recession.
  •  If you suffer from any autoimmune diseases or allergies, this substance should not cause any negative reactions that may exacerbate your health problems. Bacteria will also not adhere to the zirconia implants, which help you keep your teeth and mouth healthy.


How to manufacture zirconium crowns in Turkey

  • The process of manufacturing a dental zirconium crown turkey is much less complicated than the process of manufacturing composite porcelain crowns.
  •  It starts in the dental clinic, where the dentist makes an impression of the patient's teeth or a copy of these teeth on a molding mold.
  • The dentist then sends this impression to a lab, where an impression technician works to make a mold of the teeth.
  • The technician then cuts the mold into sections and scans it with a laser, red LEDs, or blue illumination technology.
  • Next, he uploads the scan to a computer using software that designs the final crown and the technician may design the crown as well.


What are the disadvantages of zirconium crowns in Turkey?

The disadvantages of zirconium veneers are minimal compared to their benefits, and the following are some of their disadvantages:

  • Sometimes it may be difficult to match the zirconia tooth to the natural tooth.
  • Possible wear of other teeth.
  • Some dentists are reluctant to use zirconium crowns in some circumstances for fear that the hardened zirconium will cause erosion of the corresponding teeth.


The procedure of zirconium crowns in Turkey

  • Teeth anesthesia is used in the treatment area.
  • After the anesthesia has taken effect, the tooth will be prepared and cooled.
  • The dentist takes an impression of the treatment area and the surrounding teeth.
  • A temporary crown is placed on the tooth; to prepare zirconium veneers.
  • In your medical treatment, zirconia crowns are prepared as quickly as possible, using the latest technologies.
  • The dentist installs the zirconium crown on the previously prepared tooth and fixes it with a special dental material.


Before installing and putting zirconium

The tasks are distributed before installation, between the dentist and the treatment recipient. For the dentist, he should pay special attention to the preparation of the tooth, the preparation of the front teeth is different from the back, and in general, when preparing the tooth for zirconia crowns, it must be ensured that there is enough space for the wall thickness to be at least 0.5 mm, and at least between 1 mm and 1.5 mm, or 1.5 to 2 mm to reduce occlusal.

During one visit, a temporary crown can be fitted, and then the permanent crown can be installed on the next visit.


After putting zirconium

  • Zirconium crowns are designed to protect the teeth from further damage. It is essential that they be properly fitted and secured; to avoid complications, the errors of zirconia crowns cannot be ignored but must be addressed immediately for the safety of the patient.
  • Physicians should carefully examine the margins of the crown to avoid possible errors during installation.
  • If the crown is not secured properly, this allows saliva and bacteria to enter the crown from the margins or spaces, and this can lead to tooth decay and infections.
  • Zirconium teeth whitening
  • Traditional teeth whitening methods do not work on zircon, porcelain, or other materials used in dentistry, which makes it impossible to whiten zircon teeth after they have been installed.
  • Zirconium teeth resist stains caused by coffee, tea, and nicotine much better than ceramic or acrylic crowns, which is very important for those who prefer a natural smile and give it the highest priority.
  • It may be necessary to make adjustments in the color of the crown over time, as natural teeth change due to staining or aging.



Zirconium crowns in Turkey vs. ceramic crowns

If you have reached this threshold in this article you probably weigh your options regarding the type of treatment that will work most for you as mentioned earlier, crowns (porcelain or zirconia) are an ideal solution for those with cavities.

Although traditional ceramic crowns are a great option for those looking for a cost-effective solution, they involve many disadvantages which include discoloration, the likelihood of allergic reactions, and the need for an additional metal frame to support them on the contrary, zirconium crowns turkey offer similar benefits while being a much better alternative.


Why zirconium crowns in Turkey are better than ceramics?

Zirconium crowns turkey has many features that have made doctors and patients prefer them to ceramics. The most important of these features:

  • Zirconium material is very durable and solid and built with a non-porous design making it more resistant to cracking than its ceramic and metal counterpart
  • Do not damage neighboring teeth.
  • It does not change color over the years, unlike metal-backed porcelain.
  • Compatible with gums
  • Safe for those with allergies to minerals such as porcelain.

That's why we see many patients prefer the zirconium crown in Turkey for a natural and durable attractive smile at the same time.

It remains to be said that the technological development of cosmetic dentistry and advanced forms of treatment, made zirconium crowns Turkey one of the best therapeutic options, they are just as natural as they are very durable which is why the zirconium crown in Turkey is preferred by doctors and patients, you can now get a new and beautiful smile.


Zirconium crown price in Turkey

Zirconium is one of the best materials recently used for the dental prosthesis industry, and Turkey, especially your medical treatment in it, offers advanced treatments and appropriate costs.


Factors that affect the zirconium crowns cost in Turkey

  • It is not correct to give a single zirconia crown price in Turkey, because prices are shaped by a combination of many factors. Factors affecting the zirconium crowns cost in Turkey
  • According to the doctor who will submit the application,
  • Zirconium crowns turkey price differs according to a clinic or a hospital
  • Whether additional treatment methods are needed
  • Zirconium crowns turkey price varies according to the country in which the operation will be performed.


That is why we see many patients prefer the zircon crown in Turkey to get an attractive smile that is natural and permanent at the same time.

It remains for us to say that the technological development of cosmetic dentistry and advanced forms of treatment has made zirconium crowns in Turkey one of the best treatment options, as they are completely natural as they are very durable and this is the reason why zirconium crowns turkey are preferred by doctors and patients. Now you can get On a fresh and beautiful smile.

Zirconium Crowns
Important remarks after placing zirconium crowns in Turkey

Zirconium crown in Turkey is designed to protect teeth from damage, it is necessary to be properly installed and secured to avoid complications, Zirconium crowns turkey mistakes cannot be ignored as it must be processed immediately for the patient safety.

Doctors should carefully examine crown margins to avoid potential errors during installation.

If the crown is not properly secured, this allows saliva and bacteria to enter the crown from margins or empty spaces, and this can lead to tooth decay and inflammation.

  • How long does it take to do zirconium crowns in Turkey?

    The most important characteristic of zircon crowns in Turkey is the completion of treatment in a short time. As 5 days is enough to treat zirconium crowns in Turkey in general in other words there is no need to wait for a long time to get a beautiful smile.

  • How long do zirconium crowns stay in place?

    Zirconium crowns in Turkey can standstill for and over 20 years. They are considered the strongest teeth crowns.

  • Can zirconium crowns break?

    Zirconia porcelains are made from the same material as Zirconia diamond. These porcelains are impossible to break.

  • What are the zirconium dental crowns made of?

    They are made from zirconium dioxide, their ceramic properties are milled from a single block make it a strong dental prosthetic.

  • Can zirconia crowns be whitened?

    They cannot be whitened. However, the crown can be made into any shade of white as desired.

  • Can zirconium teeth be whitened in Turkey?

    Traditional teeth whitening methods do not work on zircons, porcelain, or other materials used in dentistry, making it impossible to whiten zircon teeth after their installation.

  • Does zirconium crowns in Turkey cause a different taste and smell in my mouth?

    Because it is not supported by metal, it does not cause a difference in taste in the mouth and does not cause a smell.

  • Does zirconium crown fall off?

    This problem generally occurs in veneer teeth but this probability is much lower in zirconium crowns, but as a result of normal tooth decay for some reasons, there is thinning and fracturing of the age, which leads to the expansion of the upper layer and thus forms some gaps, in such a case you can go to your doctor and solve the problem.

  • What is zirconium crown in Turkey made of?

    Made of zirconium dioxide, its properties have grinned from ceramic.

  • What can people with zirconium crowns not eat?

    There are no prohibitions for zirconium crowns in turkey but what is uncomfortable for natural teeth is preferred to avoid such as ultra-cruel or ultra-cold and hot foods, and sticky things such as gum are considered negative for zirconium.

  • Can I have zirconium crowns during pregnancy?

    Yes, zirconium crowns in turkey can be implanted during pregnancy but after the consent of the obstetrician. this is determined between the third and sixth months of pregnancy.

  • Does zirconium crowns cause harm in cases that require tooth replacement?

    If it is necessary to remove teeth crowned with zirconium or any reason, it is done under the supervision of a competent dentist and will not cause any damage or problems to the teeth.

  • Can I have zirconium crowns in Turkey if I have dental and gum diseases?

    No, first prefer to identify your dental and gum diseases and after applying the appropriate treatment the transplant of zirconium crowns is performed.

  • Does zirconium teeth change color?

    Zirconium crowns in Turkey do not change in color and do not fade over time. This is very important for those who prefer a natural smile and give it the highest priority. But daily brushing is very important to keep a long-lasting color and we should not forget that zirconium crowns turkey need care like natural teeth, if you don’t be careful in this regard you can expect all kinds of possibilities. Because zirconium teeth have a smooth and slippery surface, this prevents lime from accumulating above its surface, thus retaining their whiteness for longer than metal-fortified teeth if the patient cares for proper oral and dental care, he will not have problems with his teeth for good.


  • Can zirconium crown be removed?

    Removing the zirconium crown in turkey is not an easy task if we want to preserve the integrity of the tooth below, and this is compared to crowns and prostheses made of other materials.

  • Can anyone has zirconium crowns?

    The zirconium crown in Turkey is one of the most suitable options for designing a beautiful smile and can be easily used for anyone in cases of multiple tooth loss and even in case of loss of one tooth as it is resistant to fracture, but it is not recommended for children because the jaw is still growing and therefore gum enlargement and this may cause some problems after volume change.

  • What is the warranty period for zirconium crowns in turkey?

    Zirconium crowns in Turkey are characterized as durable, and resistant also it’s close to the natural content, and the duration of use varies in terms of the warranty if the dentist's experience and the materials used are of high quality and may last 10 to 15 years. With regular doctor monitoring, good care, and careful use this period can be up to 15 years.

  • What is the difference between veneer and zircon?

    Veneers are famous in dental treatment because they use porcelain, and the difference between them is that zircon is long-lasting, in addition to its aesthetic that is comparable to natural teeth.

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