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Hair Transplant in Turkey | Medicsey

Hair loss is a problem that many people suffer from these days, men and women, to the extent that it loses them confidence in themselves and causes them problems in their social life, because hair affects the external appearance, for example, people who have lost their hair look older than others. Hair transplant in Turkey was developed to solve these problems in people and achieve the goal in a very short time.

Art of Remedy
Hair transplant in Turkey

Hair transplant in Turkey is a medical process performed by specialized doctors, so hair implant in Turkey should be done with high accuracy. Mistakes that can occur during the operation may lead to negative effects in terms of the patient's appearance, and it is impossible to recover from these negatives. However, corrections can be made but are not guaranteed. Hair transplant in Turkey goes through stages, which are:

In the first stage, the follicles are extracted.

In the first stage, the follicles are extracted.

Then the second stage, opening the channels for implantation.

Then the second stage, opening the channels for implantation.

Final stage, hair transplant in the desired area.

Final stage, hair transplant in the desired area.

FUT Method

Hair follicles are taken from the donor area and an incision is made in the donor area and the roots are implanted in the form of strips. When they are taken, problems may appear in adjusting the density of hair and determining the front hairline. Due to these advantages and risks, FUT method is no longer used, instead FUE method is applied because it creates more natural results than FUT method, FUE method is preferred over.

FUE Method

It is the removal of hair follicles one by one from the donor area behind the ears without making an incision and it can be performed under local anesthesia, it is performed with the help of a circular scalpel either manually or connected to the motor to collect many hair follicles as grafts in the donor area. After the grafts collected from the donor area are taken into the protective solutions, they are grouped according to their types to be ready for transplantation.

DHI Method

Implantation is done with the help of pens called Choi Pen immediately after the acquisition. With the help of Choi implant, the canal is opened and implanted at the same time which reduces the side effects of the implants and prevents any surgical scars. This technique is the most advanced and has multiple uses, including the absence of the need to shave the entire head and the absence of scars after the operation. During hair implant in Turkey, the direction and pace of hair growth is taken into account.

What is hair transplant in Turkey?

Hair transplant in Turkey is the process of transplanting hair follicles taken from the back of the head of people who suffer from the problem of hair loss and baldness to the affected area. The roots to be transplanted in the hair transplant process are selected from among the healthy and strong roots, it is a safe method that can be applied to people who suffer from hair loss and thinning. In other words, it is not necessary that the person who will undergo the hair implant process be completely bald.

Hair transplant in Turkey is the most effective way to treat baldness and hair loss problems. With hair transplant in Turkey, people will regain their hair but stronger and healthier in a very short period.

What are the techniques of hair transplant in Turkey?

Before hair transplant, you should perform a detailed examination with your doctor. Your doctor's experience in this matter affects your satisfaction after the procedure. Currently

As a modern method of hair implant in Turkey, there are two main techniques that are applied in the world and in our country. Hair transplant operations in Turkey consist of two stages, “removing the roots to be implanted” and “implanting the roots to be removed”. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) techniques are mainly used, FUE method is widely used due to its advantages.

Eyebrow Transplant

The number of people who prefer eyebrow implant is increasing day by day. Eyebrows are among the elements that affect the visual appearance of our face. For this reason, eyebrow transplant is very important for people who have eyebrow problems.

Our center is very advanced in this field. With the assisted eyebrow transplant method, it is possible to have very natural and beautiful eyebrows. In addition, eyebrow transplants are often a useful method not only for aesthetic appearance but also for sealing any cuts, burns or scratches.

How is the process of eyebrow transplant?

The process of eyebrow transplant is carried out in the areas of hair transplant in Turkey by picking. Eyebrow transplant is performed under local anesthesia. The patient does not need to stay in the hospital after the operation. He is discharged on the same day. The person can continue his work and social life easily. After the eyebrow transplant, activities such as swimming and sunbathing are prohibited. The transplanted eyebrows begin to grow after 3 months and take the planned shape by completing their growth within a few months.

What is beard transplantation?

Today, with the increase in procedures such as hair and eyebrow transplantation, beard implant is the most successful method due to the angles that men complain about. Although the absence of hair in the beard and mustache area is due to genetic factors, it is possible for hair to fall out in this area due to hormones or as a result of accidents such as burns. The applied method is similar to the hair transplant process in Turkey, and hair follicles taken from the scalp are transplanted into the required areas.

Although it is not a very difficult procedure, post-transplant care limits your life to a certain amount of time and you need to wait a short time for the recovery period. As a result of all these processes, you can now achieve a bearded look in no time.

Before the operation, the specialist doctor explains that it is important to collect the appropriate hair follicles from the temple area in order to adjust the color, angle and direction of the hair to be transplanted. In addition, he says, attention should be paid to the directions of beard growth while opening the channels. You will reduce the potential risks when the beard transplant is performed by specialized doctors.

After selecting the most suitable roots, the beard transplant process is completed with the collected grafts. It will be inevitable that you will be able to pass the operation without any problems by following the instructions given by the doctor after the transplant. For those who have sparse beards, transplant can be performed to increase hair density.

Please contact us for a beard transplant that allows you to get the image you want.

Who does hair transplant in Turkey apply to?

Hair transplant can be performed in Turkey for male and female patients with hair loss problems. It is a process that can be performed immediately if there is no hindrance in the tests and analyzes that are performed before hair transplant in Turkey.

Oncological patients who want to have a hair transplant in Turkey are required to finish their cancer treatments first. Hair implant in Turkey cannot be performed at the same time while cancer treatment is ongoing. Care should be taken when applying hair transplant to diabetics. Bleeding that occurs during the process of opening the channels on the skin and taking hair follicles from the donor area may be a risk factor.

Hair transplant in Turkey is not applied to people who are allergic to the components of the solution applied to the scalp at the same time, hair may not be transplanted due to insufficient donor area. In the absence of healthy roots that can be transplanted, hair implant in Turkey cannot be performed on these patients. Because hair transplant  in Turkey is a process that can only be performed from the person's own body hair.

Are there things that must be done before hair transplantation?

Just as after hair transplant, there are also things to be done before hair transplant in Turkey. For example, people who exercise regularly should take a break one week before hair transplant. Sports activities increase the risk of bleeding during hair implant in Turkey, as they thin the blood and speed up its flow. Therefore, before hair transplant in Turkey, the patient should be informed and warned not to take a break from sports.

In the same way, intercourse must be interrupted for the same reasons. In short, activities that leave the person breathless should be avoided one week before the hair transplant in Turkey. So it is necessary to take a break.

Quitting smoking and alcohol before hair transplant in Turkey will have a significant positive impact on the success rate of the operation.

You should not skip the tests that must be done before hair transplant in Turkey. The blood tests that your doctor will order are also important for the operation, as the results of these tests will make everything clear.

Where should hair transplant be done?

Today there are many hair transplant centers in Turkey. Most of the hair transplant centers are located in major cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Although the large number of them creates difficulties in choosing a hair transplant center, it will be easy to find the most suitable place with a good reputation.

Your first thought may be that the center where hair transplant will be performed in Turkey should have the advantages approved by the Ministry of Health. You should pay attention to the fact that the hair transplant center in Turkey has an operating room equipped according to hygiene rules. At the same time, it must be ensured that there are specialized personnel and emergency equipment that can be intervened in the event of an emergency.

The characteristics of a competent doctor are no less important than the characteristics of a hair transplant center in Turkey. It is very important how many years of experience the person who will perform the hair transplant in Turkey has, the number of years he has been actively working in this job, and the number of years he has worked with his team. Hair transplant by a professional team that has worked for many years is always preferred.

Theoretical knowledge is not enough for hair transplant in Turkey, it is necessary to practice this job and gain sufficient experience and skill. That's why you should aim for great hair in expert hands rather than being a test rat in novice hands.

What are the advantages of a hair transplant clinic?

With the growing interest in hair transplant in Turkey in recent years, hair transplant clinics have also appeared in Turkey that want to take advantage of this density. In order not to fall into the fraud trap of such organizations, it is necessary to conduct a thorough research about the hair implant center where the hair transplant will be performed. The characteristics of the clinic where hair transplant in Turkey will be performed as follows:

  • Fulfill the conditions set by the Ministry of Health.
  • Well-equipped hygienic operating room.
  • Working with the same specialist doctor and team for years.
  • Those who do not charge more than the fees owed.
  • Offer a realistic price.
  • It has the ability to intervene in emergency situations.

We should never forget that the hair transplant center in Turkey must be seen realistically before the hair transplant operation in Turkey, and the initial interviews must be conducted with the specialist who will perform the operation.

How is hair transplant in Turkey applied?

Before performing a hair transplant in Turkey, a preliminary interview is conducted with the patient. In this interview, the patient's hair analysis and some blood tests are performed. As a result, the patient is granted eligibility for surgery.

During hair transplant in Turkey, first the patient’s frontal hair line is drawn and then some drawings are made that show the number of grafts that will be transplanted in any area and the number of grafts that will be taken from any area. After these procedures, local anesthesia is applied to the patient and the grafts are taken one by one. Next, small channels are opened in the area to be transplanted. These channels are only to fit the hair follicles and to facilitate the transplant of hair follicles.

What is the importance of the frontal hair line in hair transplant?

Hair transplant in Turkey is a process that requires care and precision in many aspects. Small omissions that may occur during the process can cause a significant decrease in the success rate. One of the issues that requires the most attention is the front hairline.

Frontal hairline is a factor that greatly influences facial expression and the age at which it appears. If this line is not selected correctly, unwanted images may appear as a result of hair transplant. Therefore, it is necessary to work with a medical professional to avoid problems in defining the frontal hairline. Determining the frontal hairline requires not only knowledge, but also a high level of experience. At this stage, it is useful to emphasize the importance of choosing the center and the doctor during the hair transplant procedure in Turkey.

Hair transplant from body hair can be performed easily and conveniently, but the patient must be informed in advance of the risks to which he is exposed.

What happens after the hair transplant in Turkey?

The hair transplant process takes approximately one day for the patient. After the procedure is complete, the transplant area and the donor area are covered with bandages. On the next day, the doctor gives the patient detailed information about the first washing that must be performed and the points that must be taken into account after the operation. The third day is the first day to wash the patient's hair. If the patient wishes to perform this first wash, he can go to the hair transplant center. In the case of washing at home, the hair is washed according to the advice and information provided by the specialist doctor. The process of washing the hair is repeated twice a day until the fifteenth day from now on.

The first week after the hair transplant operation has a significant impact on the final result. Patients are generally advised not to touch the transplanted places. Playing with the transplanted follicles can destroy the grafts and may injure the surgical area. Swelling is normal after hair transplant inTurkey, and slight ulceration is normal and usually disappears in the second week after surgery.

Two weeks after hair transplant, the hair follicles are largely attached to their new channels. From this week the patient can exercise and return to his sexual life, provided that caution is exercised. Many of the bans will be removed from this week, but the patient should always be careful about external damage to the planting area.

Two months after the hair transplant, it is noticed that the hair is growing in some places. Each strand of hair that begins to grow as of this month is the patient's permanent hair. You will continue to get longer hair over time each day.

In the sixth month after hair transplant, the patient begins to regain his hairy appearance. As of this month, the hair restoration rate for the normal hair cycle will be around 70%.

The first year after hair transplant is now the time when the full hair transplant result is obtained. A patient who underwent a successful surgery can see 90% of the transplanted hair, after which he will continue his life with healthy hair that does not fall out. But it must be taken into account that this healing process differs from one patient to another.

What is hair transplant with stem cell therapy? And how is it applied?

Stem cell therapy is a method used since ancient times. Stem cell treatments are applied to many parts of the body. Stem cell therapy is performed by transplanting stem cells taken from a person's fat tissue into the needy area, this treatment brings vitality and production of new cells to the transplanted area.

With stem cell therapy, a certain amount of fat tissue and blood is taken from the patient. It is made by combining platelet-rich plasma obtained from the blood with stem cells taken from adipose tissue, certain vitamins, minerals and medications. This solution is injected into the area before hair transplant. At this point, as the skin swells and prepares for transplantation, the stem cells begin to function and the stem cells regenerate the weak cells where healthy cells are transplanted around them and provide new cells. In this case, the live cells in hair transplant are increased, thus accelerating healing and adhesion. Thanks to stem cell therapy, the new hair will be very healthy and strong.

Hair Transplant in Turkey
What should be considered after hair transplantation?

Hair transplant in Turkey is a process that requires high concentration, precision, effort and money. After this procedure, which requires a lot of effort on the part of the specialist and the patient, it is no less important than itself. However, the rules to follow, things to avoid and things to do after the operation are entirely the responsibility of the patient. We can list the points that the patient should pay attention to after the operation as follows:

The patient should not skip the bandaging days after hair transplant.

In the early days, one should be very wary of the risks of infection.

He does not smoke or drink alcohol.

To use his medication on time and in full.

He should act according to the doctor's instructions and should not get into situations that would jeopardize the success of the operation.

He should not engage in any sexual activity, and he should definitely take a break from sports.

The hair transplant area should be protected from strong winds, rain, sun and dust, and if necessary a hat should be used.

Foods containing ingredients that support hair health should be eaten after surgery and a balanced diet should be eaten.

It should never be hit on the head.

You should not touch the hair transplant area or the transplanted grafts

  • Is hair transplant in Turkey a painful process?

    Hair transplant in Turkey is not a painful process, because hair implant is performed on patients under local anesthesia. If the hair transplant process takes a long time, there may be mild pain when the effect of the local anesthesia wears off. However, with re-administration of the numbing medication, this pain will be replaced by numbness in a very short time.

  • Does bleeding occur after hair transplant?

    Hair transplant is a medical procedure and it is very normal to experience bleeding during the procedure. However, no heavy bleeding usually appears after the operation. The development of bleeding after hair transplant depends on the patient's blood flow rate and the percentage of blood fluidity. If the patient has a problem with blood clotting, this should be evaluated before the operation. If the patient is using blood thinners, this medicine should be stopped for a week before and after the operation.

    As a result, slight bleeding after hair transplant is considered normal. With this normal bleeding, the blood should never be cleared. You should not put pressure on the scalp to stop the blood. These movements may damage the hair follicles, and if the bleeding reaches dangerous proportions, the hair transplant specialist should be informed of this case as soon as possible.

  • Does hair loss occur again after hair transplant?

    After hair transplant in Turkey, there is no loss at all in the transplanted hair because the grafts to be transplanted are taken from the back of the neck area where the hair follicles are the healthiest and strongest, even in people who suffer from severe baldness, the hair on the back of the neck does not fall out and the reason for that The hair follicles in this area are more resistant to hair loss.

  • How long does hair transplant take?

    The time to complete hair transplant depends entirely on the width of the patient’s area to be transplanted and the number of follicles to be transplanted. This number is determined by the hair implant specialist according to the width of the area to be transplanted. The duration of hair transplant is also important for the health of the hair follicles. Another important factor that plays an active role in the hair implant period is the hair transplant specialist. The skill, practice and experience of the hair transplant specialist determine the duration of the operation. This totally depends on the business policy of the hair transplant specialist in Turkey.

  • Which of the hair transplant methods in Turkey is considered the most expensive?

    It is very important to make the hair implant plan correctly in advance in terms of how to transplant in which area during hair transplant in Turkey, the area in which the hair transplant will be performed and the channels in which the roots will be transplanted. The number of grafts taken from the donor area and the number of channels opened in the implantation area should be equal. As a last step, the taken hair follicles are transplanted into the open channels as planned. Thus, the FUE method requires more time and effort, and costs more money. However, when comparing the results, it is easy to favor the FUE method. The grafts taken with the FUE technique are not implanted directly into the head. Hair follicles undergo a special examination process. For grafts ready for implantation, the channels are opened with the help of microsurgical blades. Then hair implant is performed.

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