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Best Orthopedic Doctor in Turkey

Orthopedic surgery focuses on the musculoskeletal system responsible for human movement, i.e. bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. The changes may be congenital or may occur as a result of a disorder

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Factors Affecting the Success Rate of Orthopedic Surgery in Turkey

There are some factors that affect the success of orthopedic surgery in Turkey, most notably:

Public Health

Public Health

Implant type

Implant type

Type of surgery

Type of surgery

The success rate is also reflected in the type of implant and its acceptance by the body such as joint replacement surgery which is the replacement of a damaged joint with an implant that can be screws, plates and prostheses. It is possible for the body to refuse the implant, so it is important to monitor the body's acceptance of the implant.

There are a number of orthopedic surgeries and the success rate is directly proportional to the type of surgery performed and aftercare.

For any surgery to be successful, it is important that the patient is healthy enough to face its consequences. Other vital organs must be in a proper normal position, otherwise there will be complications.

Orthopedic surgery focuses on the musculoskeletal system responsible for human movement, i.e. bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. The changes may be congenital or may occur as a result of a disorder.

What is orthopedics?

Orthopedics is a branch of surgery that specializes in modifying, orthodontics, or repairing bone deformities. Some of these abnormalities are caused by several factors that may affect the body while it is in the embryonic stage, and others result from injuries or diseases that affect the body.

Among the important abnormalities involved in the field of orthopedics:

  • Posterior dislocation of the hip joint.
  • Spinal warp.
  • Flat feet.
  • Deformities caused by polio.
  • Deformities caused by acute or chronic bone and joint infections.
  • As well as cases caused by poor treatment of some joint and bone injuries such as dislocation and fractures.


Signs to visit the best orthopedic surgeon in Turkey

Some signs require a visit to the best orthopedic doctor in Turkey, including:

  • Persistent pain in the bones or joints.
  • Persistent swelling and swelling in the area around the bone or joint.
  • Difficulty performing daily activities, difficulty in movement, or due to joint pain.
  • Stiffness and roughness in the bones or joints during movement.
  • Changes in the appearance of bones or joints, such as swelling or noticeable deformities.
  • Having previously suffered an injury or fracture in the bones or joints, you may need follow-up and care from the best orthopedic doctor in Turkey to ensure the restoration of normal movement and functions.


Best Orthopedic Doctor in Turkey


Diagnosis of conditions associated with bones and joints in Turkey

Diagnosing bone and joint related conditions in Turkey requires a comprehensive process that includes clinical examination, medical history, and the use of various therapeutic techniques. These are some of the common ways to diagnose diseases associated with bones and joints by the best orthopedic surgeon in Turkey:

  • Know the medical history of the case.

Examine the affected bones and joints by moving and pressing on suspected joints to look for signs of inflammation, tumor and restricted movement or pain.

  • Perform some diagnostic tests such as:

o X-ray, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

o Ultrasonography.

o Computed tomography scan.

  • These examinations help determine the condition of bones and joints and assess damage and anatomical changes.

Blood or joint fluid samples may be taken for analysis to detect any signs of specific diseases such as arthritis.

  • Perform some auxiliary tests such as bone mineral density testing to assess bone density and diagnose osteoporosis.

Based on the results of these methods, the best orthopedic doctor in Turkey determines the final diagnosis and gives the appropriate treatment. Whether it's drug therapy, surgery, or other ways to manage and treat the condition associated with bones and joints.


Treatment of conditions related to bones and joints in Turkey

Treatment of conditions related to bones and joints in Turkey depends on the type and severity of the problem, the treatment is divided into two parts. Either treatment with medications or resorting to surgical treatment, the following are the methods used in treating bone and joint problems by the best orthopedic doctor in Turkey:

Non-surgical treatment

Here the patient is directed to follow a healthy lifestyle and given some medications that can reduce his feeling of pain and help him return to his normal life, and the most prominent methods of non-surgical treatment are:

  • Medication therapy: To treat conditions associated with bones and joints, many medications, such as painkillers, and anti-inflammatories are used to reduce swelling and inflammation. and supplements that contribute to promoting bone health.
  • Physiotherapy: involves the use of motor rehabilitation techniques to help strengthen the muscles surrounding the bones and joints and strengthen their movement.

Progressive treatment: includes lifestyle changes such as weight loss in cases of obesity to relieve pressure on joints and bones.

Surgical treatment

Among the most famous orthopedic surgeries in Turkey by the best orthopedic surgeon in Turkey:

  • Fracture repair surgery: In the event of a broken bone, treatment may require a surgical procedure to repair the fracture and stabilize the bone in place.

Joint replacement surgery: In some cases that cause joint mobility difficulty, the damaged joint can be surgically replaced with an artificial joint.

  • Deformity correction surgery: In some cases, surgery is used to correct skeletal deformities in joints and bones.
  • Cartilage surgery: To treat cases caused by the protrusion of part of the cartilage and its effect on the nerves adjacent to it, cartilage surgery is performed.

Surgical treatment should be done after diagnosis by the best orthopedic doctor in Turkey, and doctors often prefer to use both conservative and pharmacological treatment first. If the previous treatment does not fail, surgical treatment is the solution.


Best Orthopedic Doctor in Turkey


Orthopedic and Joint Surgery in Turkey - Medicsey Center is the best

  • Medicsey Center is one of the best centers specializing in orthopedic and joint surgery. We help the patient in every way to get rid of the pain. Medicsey has devices and tools used globally in various joint and orthopedic surgeries. So that we can perform the procedure with the least likelihood of any complications and with the least degree of pain.
  • Not only that, we have a medical team that is trained and continuously follows up on the latest techniques used in orthopedics in Turkey. This makes Medicsey Center able to achieve the highest success rate for orthopedic surgeries in Turkey.
  • The medical team pays great attention to personalized care and providing appropriate solutions for each patient
  • The medical team has advanced surgical skills. It offers comprehensive treatment for a range of conditions such as joint replacement surgeries, shoulder and knee surgery, all of which make Medicsey Center one of the best orthopedic and joint surgery centers in Turkey.

For more information or to request a consultation with the best orthopedic doctor in Turkey, you can contact us now so that the medical team will answer all inquiries as soon as possible.


Best Orthopedic Doctor in Turkey


Orthopedic Surgery Cost in Turkey

Turkey has a very high level of extensive experience with its doctors, the infrastructure of its hospitals and the medical services it provides. In addition, the cost of orthopedic surgery in Turkey is very low compared to other countries. Here are some of the cost of some orthopedic surgeries in Turkey:



Knee replacement


  Shoulder joint replacement



Hip replacement




We have shed light on everything related to orthopedics in Turkey. For more information about the best orthopedic doctor in Turkey. You can request a free and instant consultation. You can book an appointment to visit the Medicsey Center using our website. With more than 30 years of experience, our medical staff strives to provide the best results at the best acceptable prices.



Best Orthopedic Doctor
What are the complications of orthopedic surgery?

There are some possible complications of orthopedic surgery:

Pain at the site of the operation.

Infection after surgery

Blood clotting in the places of the operation.

Nerve damage.

Fracture of the bones.


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