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Invisalign in Turkey | medicsey

The Invisalign in turkey features that it will not be noticed by people because it is virtually invisible, and it is a template that can be removed on important occasions...

Art Of Remedy
Categories that are not suitable for the invisalign treatment in Turkey

People who have excessive crowding problems that invisalign are weak in treating.

People who have excessive crowding problems that invisalign are weak in treating.

Children whose teeth have not fully developed to avoid relapse after treatment.

Children whose teeth have not fully developed to avoid relapse after treatment.

People who have excessive biting and occlusal problems need to combine more than one treatment plan to solve these problems.

People who have excessive biting and occlusal problems need to combine more than one treatment plan to solve these problems.

People who have lost one of their teeth, as they will need implantation first or resort to metal braces at the beginning of treatment.

People who have lost one of their teeth, as they will need implantation first or resort to metal braces at the beginning of treatment.

Invisalign in Turkey can be used to treat minor and moderate problems only, as the doctor examines the case and develops an appropriate treatment plan for it.

Invisalign in Turkey are more suitable for adolescents and adults than children, because children's teeth are still in the process of growth.

It is also useful in treating gaps between the teeth and treating the lower bite, overbite, open and cross bite, as well as tooth crowding.

The Invisalign in turkey is a sophisticated tool for dental treatment, a calendar consisting of a series of metal-free plastic molds to form this transparent look. The Invisalign in turkey features that it will not be noticed by people because it is virtually invisible, and it is a template that can be removed on important occasions.

Categories that are not suitable for Invisalign in turkey :

  • Children whose teeth have not been definitively developed to avoid a relapse of the condition after treatment.
  • People with excessive teeth congestion problems that the transparent calendar is considered weak in treatment.
  • People with excessive biting and applying problems need to integrate more than one therapeutic plan to solve these problems.
  • People who have lost one of their teeth as they will need to first transplant or resort to metal calendar at the beginning of treatment.

The Invisalign in turkey It can be used to treat only minor and moderate problems, as The doctor reviews the condition and develops a proper treatment plan for it. The Invisalign treatment in turkey that fits Adolescents and adults are more suitable than children, because children's teeth are still growing. It is also useful in the treatment of bridging the gaps between the teeth and the treatment of the lower, excess, open and hardened bite as well as the accumulation of teeth.

Who doesn't seek an attractive and perfect smile? If you have some problems affecting the exterior appearance of your teeth, you will find this article has been written specifically for you, of course orthodontics will come to your mind first to solve the problem, but the appearance of the metal calendar may also annoy some and make it quit the idea of treatment; Because it often requires staying in the mouth for long periods and may cause some embarrassment, pain or gum inflammation, especially for those who are sensitive to the metal. That is why we will highlight the optimal alternative, is the Invisalign treatment in turkey with its advantages and disadvantages, and when is it the most suitable option in Turkey?

Invisalign in Turkey date

The first appearance of the Invisalign treatment in turkey was in 1997 through three-dimensional technology on the computer, and it was also manufactured as a clear plastic template to avoid the annoying appearance as in the Metal teeth straightening. This innovation has undergone many experiments to ascertain its effectiveness, until it was released to the market in 2000 and became available for use by orthodontists. Although some patients hesitated before trying it, they were soon impressed with it after seeing the results and seeking comfort in using it on a daily basis.Turkey's Invisalign has thus become a very needed therapeutic technique recently.

What is Invisalign in turkey?

The invisalign is the brand name of the translucent moving straightening and this type of straightening is designed to correct the deviation of the teeth without affecting the aesthetic of the appearance of the teeth. It is made of silicone which makes it flexible and thin and does not cause any discomfort to the teeth during its use. The Invisalign is also designed to treat teeth by cutting out the look of the metal calendar, which is what the name suggests, as it is an almost invisible calendar and its transparency often does not appear to others.

The Invisalign in turkey is a sophisticated method of dental treatment, It is a straightening consisting of a series of metal-free plastic molds to form this transparent look.

This straightening is also detailed to the patient for use within specified periods of time, as it is replaced almost every 15 days where the teeth are gradually moved at each stage until the end of the treatment period and reach the required shape.

The most important feature of Invisalign in turkey is that it will not be noticed by people because it is virtually invisible And it's also a template that can be removed on important occasions and that's precisely why we see business owners or celebrities prefer it, Miley Stewart was also on the Hannah Montana series as she was removing it before taking the stage and singing so as not to affect her appearance at the concert.

It is the only straightening that does not disrupt one's life in similar situations of important meetings or events. We have noted the same in Turkey as the majority of business managers prefer Invisalign in turkey more than the traditional Metal teeth straightening.

Does the Invisalign straightening cause pain to my teeth?

In 2014, progress in orthodontics released an important study comparing Invisalign patients with patients using metal orthodontics And Patients using both treatments, and researchers at the conclusion of the study found that the Invisalign straightening is less painful compared to traditional edge therapy, the traditional straightening will cause greater pain than the teeth straightening Invisalign in Turkey because it is metallic and stiffer and thus poses greater pressure on the teeth.

Will Invisalign therapy affect my daily life?

The Invisalign treatment in turkey straightening is a favourite for many patients because it does not prevent them from eating or drinking as it can be easily removed during food. You may feel a little pressure on the teeth every time you change the straightening but this is quite normal and is generally less pressure than you might feel if you are receiving orthodontic treatment through traditional metal brackets. Since the materials used to make the Invisalign straightening in Turkey are flexible materials designed to fit the exact lines of your mouth, you will find that your speech is not affected at all when wearing the Invisalign orthodontics, and if you have some difficulty in the early days of the orthodontics you can return to speaking normally once that time has elapsed. As Turkey's Invisalign orthodontics is less obvious than traditional orthodontic treatments, most people will not be able to know that you wear it from a distance, and if you are in a situation where you do not want someone to notice that you wear it, you can always remove the straightening for a few hours.

Do I need a certain treatment before installing the Invisalign straightening in Turkey?

Decay, if any, or the installation of bridges in case of tooth loss should be treated for appropriate and complete treatment.

Can anyone benefit from Invisalign in turkey?

Invisalign in Turkey is a straightening that suits teenagers and adults more than children And this is because children's teeth are still growing, and it is also useful in treating bridging the gaps between teeth and treating the lower, excess, open and hardened bite, as well as the stack of teeth. It is here that we can conclude that a Invisalign in turkey can be used to treat only minor and moderate problems, where the doctor reviews the condition and develops a proper treatment plan.

Is there a need for any procedure after completing Invisalign orthopaedic therapy in Turkey?

After completing Invisalign straightening treatment in Turkey, the doctor cleans the teeth and examines them to assess the status of the condition and the degree of improvement during the treatment period, and then after making sure to achieve the goal, he connects plastic wires to the back side of the teeth, which are invisible wires called "Stabilizers", placed after completion to avoid the return of teeth to the previous condition and to remain in a constant position at the time of speech or placement of food. These wires remain inside the mouth for a maximum of about 6 months. This is determined by the doctor as needed. The importance of taking care of the stabilizer and not eating until removed and making sure that it is constantly cleaned and obliged to wear it to avoid relapse.


What are the features of Invisalign in turkey?

  • Its transparent appearance is not observed by others and this makes it special to maintain a smile.
  • It can be removed for teeth cleaning or on important occasions.
  • It does not cause irritation or allergy to gums or any injuries such as Metal teeth straightening it is fully compatible with teeth and gums.
  • The treatment period of this orthodontics is shorter than the treatment period of the Metal teeth straightening.
  • Treatment suits both adolescents and adults.
  • Some information about the final outcome of the treatment can be found by viewing 3D images of the teeth on the computer where you calculate every move the teeth need.

What are the drawbacks of Invisalign in turkey?

  • In normal condition the Invisalign replaced every 15 days and this exceeds the costs on the patient.
  • It cannot be modified during periods of treatment if any problem occurs.
  • It may be affected and deformed if exposed to high temperature because it is made of silicon.
  • It may change colour as a result of consumption of certain drinks or continuous smoking.
  • It cannot be used in advanced cases and difficult problems that need for Metal teeth straightening being more solid.
  • It may become flexible and lose effectiveness due to frequent jaw and composition, which is why it is advised not to repeat its dislocation during treatment.

What are the conditions for which transparent orthodontics in Turkey are appropriate?

  • Round Teeth
  • Warp in the teeth
  • Tendency in the teeth
  • Teeth crowding
  • Teeth skewed forward or back
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Biting problems such as deep or reversed bite.
  • But these problems are required to be of a simple or moderate degree to obtain guaranteed treatment.

What is the invisalign in turkey price?

There are several factors affecting the determination of the cost of the transparent straightening in Turkey, including:

  • Degree of dental problems
  • City and Country of Residence
  • Medical practitioner
  • Health Insurance

In general, the invisalign in turkey price is more expensive than a traditional metal teeth straightening turkey cost, but at the same time Turkey's moving Invisalign in turkey gives faster results and a shorter and more comfortable treatment period.

What are the stages of applying Invisalign in turkey?

  • Consult a doctor to find out the detailed status of your dental condition, because it is the dental condition and the degree of problems that determine the approval of the Invisalign in Turkey for treatment. Many patients may choose treatment based on the cost of the orthodontics, but considering the status of the condition is the most important point for receiving appropriate treatment.
  • The orthodontist takes a picture of the teeth and begins to develop a treatment plan.
  • First the specialist takes X-rays and café editions of the teeth and then sends the photos to the Invisalign manufacturer with a medical report on the condition and the plan of the treatment.
  • Images are digitally transferred to the computer via 3D scanning which is called CAD-CAM.
  • The desired result is determined digitally by creating a pattern of the desired dental movement, at this stage the final state is seen, usually exchanged between the doctor and specialists of the company.
  • The release of the Invisalign in turkey may take about 30 days at this stage. Upon receipt, 2 to 4 templates are received with an adjustment of 0.05mm for each template.
  • After completing the treatment, the doctor makes sure to apply the teeth, although he needs more templates for minor improvements in the teeth.
  • Finally to maintain the teeth after treatment the doctor will apply the fixer to the teeth: These stabilizers are divided into two types: the first type is transparent mobile and the second type is wired constant but the company (invisalign) has manufactured another product that is considered to be an supplement to invisalign called vivera. There is no significant difference in shape between it and invisalign, but it is thicker because it replaces the stabilizer after the completion of the treatment. The stabilizer aims to prevent tooth relapse after abandoning the invisalign in Turkey.

How do I take care of Invisalign orthodontics?

  • Remove the Invisalign Tooth orthodontics before eating:

Patients should remove the Invisalign in turkey before eating any food This is because food molecules are likely to keep their effects on the Invisalign orthodontics when eating, Over time this can stimulate the growth of bacteria and the formation of plaque layer It is also preferable to set aside the invisalign orthodontics while eating to avoid future problems such as gum disease and return it after the meal ends and dental cleaning.

  • Cleaning invisalign orthodontics when removed:

The Invisalign orthodontics should be cleaned every time it is removed, but it cannot be cleaned with traditional toothbrush and toothpaste, but the orthodontics should be disinfected using a special soap and soaked in it. It is recommended to use lukewarm water during the cleaning process because hot or cold water can distort the plastic material and affect the effectiveness of the Invisalign.

  • Keep the Invisalign orthodontics in a box:

It is important to prevent the damage of Invisalign in Turkey because any changes in it may affect orthodontic treatment, so patients must keep the orthodontics inside the custom case when they do not wear it; Because they prevent harmful bacteria and keep the Invisalign orthodontics. You can also keep an extra box at work, school and other areas you visit frequently if one of them is lost or forgotten.

  • Thread and brush your teeth:

It is recommended to use floss to clean teeth before wearing Invisalign, because wearing Invisalign orthodontics before cleaning your teeth may prevent saliva from washing food particles causing sediment accumulation and thus further gum disease.

  • Avoid dark-colored drinks:

Pigment-based drinks can easily stain the Invisalign Tooth orthodontics, so the Invisalign orthodontics in Turkey should be removed when eating dark soft drinks, juices and other colorful drinks, and make sure to wash the mouth thoroughly before re-placing the orthodontics. He needs constant care to get the expected results of the treatment.

Invisalign orthodontics compared to traditional metal orthodontics:

Does Invisalign in turkey therapy take less time than metal orthodontics?

The period of treatment is always determined after the doctor determines the condition and its general situation, but the Invisalign orthodontics in Turkey is characterized by the short treatment period for the metal orthodontics, staying about 7 months while the metal orthodontics lasts for several years. This makes the Invisalign orthodontics more favourable for patients, except for the difficult cases that require starting treatment with the metal  orthodontics first.

Is Invisalign in turkey less painful than the traditional Metal teeth straightening?

The Invisalign in turkey is less painful than the metal teeth straightening and more comfortable for the teeth. According to most of the patients who have used both types, most patients request a transparent calendar when frequenting clinics. If the metallic orthodontic treatment is initiated, they prefer to complete it with a Invisalign in turkey when it suits their condition. It is more comfortable for teeth and gums.

Why is Invisalign in turkey more comfortable than Metal teeth straightening?

The Invisalign is characterized by being designed after taking a picture of the teeth, it is specially designed for each patient so as not to cause any difficulty during wearing. It is also made of plastic, which is less disturbing and less painful for the teeth because the metal often leaves its negative effects on the teeth and gums especially for those with allergic problems, and the Invisalign in Turkey removes the burden of monthly adjustments such as tightening wire.

In the end it is very important that we choose what works for us in each treatment before starting it And with today's development, treatment is no longer difficult and the options available are much more, you just need to find the right solution, If you are keen on the aesthetic of your smile and are interested in the appearance of your teeth even during the treatment period, a Invisalign in Turkey will be an ideal solution for you.

How do I know that Invisalign in turkey is right for me?

If you want to straighten your teeth and choose the most suitable one, you can ask yourself these questions to find out the best option for you:

  • Do I have a minor or moderate problem with the shape of my teeth? Do I have a warp tooth problem or an applicability problem?
  • Would I be ashamed or annoyed if I wore a metal teeth straightening? Do I have an allergy to metal?
  • Can I commit to wearing a Invisalign orthodontic and not removing it more than two hours a day?
  • Can I take care of the Invisalign orthodontics hygiene and clean it twice a day?
Invisalign Treatment
How do I know if transparent braces in Turkey are right for me?

If you want to straighten your teeth and choose the most suitable braces, you can ask yourself these questions to find out the best option for you:

Do I have a slight or moderate problem in the shape of my teeth? Do I have a problem with crooked teeth or a problem with occlusivity?

Will I feel ashamed or uncomfortable if I wear metal braces? Am I allergic to metal?

Can I commit to wearing clear braces and not taking them off for more than two hours a day?

Can I take care of the transparent braces and clean them twice a day?

  • Is Invisalign therapy causing pain?

    Any teeth straightening whose primary objective is to move the teeth and push them to the desired condition. It is normal for the orthodontic pressure to cause some pain when the straightening is applied in the early days, but it quickly goes away and gets used to it as part of your teeth.

  • Can you see the results of the treatment before the start of Invisalign therapy in Turkey?

    After determining the treatment plan by the doctor you can see the results of the treatment in 3D, you can also see the movement of your virtual teeth during the treatment period and this makes it preferred by patients

  • Can children benefit from Invisalign therapy in turkey?

    This can be done but at least when you finish switching all the deciduous teeth and that's about 12-14 years old.

  • How long should a Invisalign be worn during the day?

    At least you should wear a Invisalign about 20/22 hours a day. it can be removed during meals only. On special or important occasions it can be removed provided that the length of time is not prolonged and not repeated.

  • Does Invisalign orthodontics affect speech?

    The Invisalign in Turkey may cause some discomfort in the first two days of treatment and some speech difficulty, but once you get used to it you won't have any problems. In long meetings you can remove the calendar for one or two hours to avoid discomfort and break from the calendar in the meeting.

  • Does smoking affect Invisalign teeth orthodontics?

    Smoking in large quantity may affect the Invisalign and turn yellow after a certain period but this problem will not be great because the Invisalign is swapped every 15 days.

  • What drinks affect the color of the Invisalign?

    Mustard, red wine, cherry, tobacco products as well as tea, coffee and the like.

  • Are there foods forbidden when wearing a Invisalign?

    In general, the Invisalign should be removed when eating meals and ensure that the teeth are cleaned but it is preferable to stay away from solid foods during the treatment period to avoid any tooth pain.

  • Can I use a Invisalign only during the night?

    To obtain the required result the Invisalign must be placed continuously and only put in the night period will affect the treatment and the expected results.

  • Can any dentist perform orthodontic treatment in Turkey?

    The dentist must be a dental orthodontist to carry out the treatment and ensure that you have a safe and secure result and have a thorough consultation and assessment of the condition and an assessment of the severity of the problems and thus find the most appropriate solution for the treatment.

  • Is a Invisalign orthodontic treatment suitable for all dental problems?

    Unfortunately, Invisalign in Turkey cannot treat difficult conditions and acute problems. It may require starting with the traditional metal straightening and then moving to the Invisalign at a certain point. This is what your doctor determines depending on the case.

  • When do the results of Invisalign orthodontic treatment in Turkey begin to appear?

    In some cases they may appear in the middle of the treatment period in about 3 months but this varies depending on the situation and care must be taken to pursue the treatment and fully adhere to the instructions for prompt and accurate results.

  • What is the difference between a Invisalign straightening and a transparent fixer?

    The Invisalign is virtually invisible and the stabilizer is wire placed inside the jaw and may be metal as it can appear during speech, but both are mobile and can be removed if necessary.

  • How do I clean my Invisalign?

    To maintain the Invisalign in Turkey, it must be placed daily in a dentures cleaner for about half an hour. After completion, it can be cleaned with a brush intended for the calendar (other than a person's brush) and then washed the calendar and returned it to the mouth, preferably twice daily.

  • What do the letters and numbers on Invisalign in turkey mean?

    The patient code number is usually next to the straightening logo and on the other side the upper jaw is "u" and the lower jaw is "L" and then the current straightening number is next to them so that the template of each jaw and the template number are marked because during the treatment period you will need a large number of templates.

  • How many times will I need to get tested?

    If you choose to receive Invisalign orthodontic treatment you will need to visit your dentist approximately every four to eight weeks, but in any case you must change tooth molds every two weeks in minor cases, while complex cases require three weeks.

  • How does the treatment process proceed with the Invisalign in turkey?

    Each month the patient gets an appointment and is delivered two templates of the Invisalign straightening where the patient replaces the straightening every 15 days. The final period of treatment is determined by the case of each patient and the dates and number of templates received by the patient in the event of the patient's travel or absence can be adjusted for longer periods.

  • How long is Invisalign in Istanbul?

    Invisalign in turkey features from the traditional metal orthodontics short-term where you can get your new smile in just 7 months.

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