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Dental crowns prices in Turkey | Medicsey

Dental crowns prices in Turkey are up to 70% cheaper than developed countries. However, this difference in cost is not caused by the quality of the processing and the materials used.

Dental Crowns Steps

After the op...

After the operations team arranges an appointment, and transfer of accommodation, you will travel to Turkey for your specific treatment.

After your v...

After your visit to the dental center, a medical consultant will contact you to provide you with detailed information about the procedures.

The treatmen...

The treatment plan will be presented by the dentist and he will show you the prices of dental crowns in Turkey in detail.


The cost of dental crowns in Turkey is cheaper than any other country and of high quality.

Protect weak teeth from fracture.

Restore the appearance of a tooth that has suffered from severe wear and has caused its small size as a result.

While getting a dental crown treatment in Turkey, you must first undergo a free consultation with dental specialists and inquire about the prices of dental crowns in Turkey. In the dental clinic equipped with the latest technological equipment, you can restore the health of your teeth and at the same time enjoy a wonderful holiday. In order to obtain dental crowns that are closest to the natural whiteness and appearance of the teeth, the quality of the materials used is of great importance, just as the competence of the dental professionals who will perform the treatment.

What is a dental crown?

Dental crowns are dental coverings that are placed over the front or back teeth to restore the chewing function of your damaged, yellowed or discolored teeth or to enhance their aesthetic appearance. Dental crowns are used to improve dental health and strength and to prevent tooth decay. It is a beneficial treatment for dental health. Dental crowns are generally made of ceramic, zirconia or porcelain materials, and the prices of dental crowns in Turkey vary according to these types. Doctors apply dental crowns directly to the tooth or dental implants in Turkey and ensure that your teeth have an aesthetic appearance. Dental crown is a type of covering that can be preferred to create a dental bridge or completely cover your teeth if more than one tooth is missing and also doctors apply these dental crowns as dental implant prostheses that act as solid roots. The types of crowns are as follows:

E-max . crowns

An E-max crown is a type of dental cap that prioritizes the aesthetic appearance and durability of teeth. Creates a natural harmony with your gums. E-max crowns do not need any supporting materials like metal crowns. It is a type of prosthesis made using lithium silicate-based E-max instead of porcelain. Adds the natural whiteness of your teeth to your smile. The prices of dental crowns in Turkey of this type are considered the most expensive. E-max crowns, which are very close to natural teeth in terms of aesthetics, are designed and produced in 3D using the latest generation of CEREC and CAD/CAM. E-max crowns are made of the highest quality materials and provide natural colors to match your teeth. With its high light transmittance, E-max crowns are also used in cosmetic dentistry.

porcelain crowns

A porcelain crown is a type of dental crown that is strong and suitable for jobs such as chewing. It is a crown that shows the appearance of saturated and opaque porcelain in a dental prosthesis. It is not suitable for all patients. While making this type of dental crown, nickel-based white metallic porcelain is used to achieve the appearance of white and natural teeth. Even if you get successful results, it is not a preferred method for front teeth. It is mostly preferred in molars and back teeth that have functions such as chewing. Because an unwanted metallic line can form on the gum line, especially if there are problems such as receding gums. It is recommended that metal-reinforced ceramic crowns be replaced at the bottom after an average use period of 7 years. If you have problems with your back teeth, you can prefer porcelain crowns over dental implants, because the gray transition line that may occur will not be a major problem. The prices of dental crowns in Turkey of this type are considered acceptable.

zirconia crown

Zirconia crowns with the highest light transmittance compared to other crowns are a best practice that mimics natural teeth. Thanks to its delicate structure, it is almost impossible to distinguish it from real teeth. The basic material of zirconium dioxide in the form of white crystals is used to make zirconium crowns. After applying the zirconia crown treatment in this context, you are guaranteed to have pure white teeth. If your dental health is appropriate for this application, we reach the point of achieving the natural appearance of teeth with zirconia crowns without the need for porcelain. It would not be wrong to say that the type of crown that does not create a black line in case of receding gums and is effective in achieving a Hollywood smile is the zirconia crown. In this applied treatment, first class zirconia, which is produced in laboratory conditions, is used to ensure dental perfection. The prices of zirconia dental crowns in Turkey are based on the center and the dentist.

Zirconia crowns are versatile. Thanks to its light transmittance, it is very close to the natural appearance of the teeth and provides a very good aesthetic appearance. It also resists discoloration, discoloration and staining and has hypoallergenic properties. They are long lasting and fit perfectly on the teeth. They are mostly used in the field of smile aesthetics.

There are many options that affect the cost of dental crowns in Turkey

  • The prices of zirconium dental crowns in Turkey are considered the average price compared to the rest of the types of crowns used:
  • The brand of zircon used and the country in which it was produced.
  • The experience of the dentist and dental technician in providing treatment.
  • The number of teeth to be treated, the number of fillings, and root tunnel treatments performed on the tooth.
  • The location of the tooth that needs a new crown.

Dental crowns prices in Turkey

Dental crown prices in Turkey is up to 70% cheaper than in developed countries. However, this difference in cost is not caused by the quality of the processing and the materials used. This is entirely due to the fact that the costs in the service sector and other regions are cheaper in Turkey. You can also inquire about the prices of dental crowns in Turkey and get your dental crown treatment at a very reasonable cost in different dental clinics in Turkey, without any problems and under high quality conditions.

Why are dental crowns prices in Turkey cheaper than other countries?

We talked in detail about why dental crowns in Turkey are an affordable way to get the highest quality on a budget for an international patient. But why are the prices of dental crowns in Turkey so affordable? When it comes to the cost of a dental crown, it has to do with four factors that affect the final price: the importance of medical tourism, high competition, the cost of living, and currency exchange.

After the dental crown treatment, the patient must continue to pay attention to oral hygiene and brushing the teeth in the same way as before. There is no difference in quality between getting dental treatment in Turkey or in Europe and the United States. The only difference is that the prices of dental crowns in Turkey are lower than in other countries.

Dental Crowns
What are the uses of dental crowns?

In cases where your damaged teeth cannot be restored with conventional treatments.

In cases where you have broken teeth.

In cases where there are stains and discoloration of your teeth that cannot be removed with teeth whitening.

In cases where your teeth are not formed well from an aesthetic point of view.

In cases where there is a problem of diastasis (dental gap).

In cases where we need to improve the appearance of your misaligned teeth.

In cases where we need to give an aesthetic appearance to your moderately worn teeth.

  • Does dental crown treatment cause pain?

    No pain occurs in dental crown treatment. We apply local anesthesia during the treatment. In this context, you will not feel any pain or soreness during the procedure. It is normal to feel slight sensitivity after the procedure. This feeling of discomfort disappears after a short time.

  • How long does a dental crown take in Turkey?

    The duration of dental crowns in Turkey varies according to the number of crowns that will be applied. For a complete treatment, you need to stay in Turkey for at least 5-6 days.

  • How long are dental crowns?

    The average life of dental crowns is 10 years. After a dental porcelain crown treatment, you can benefit from comfortable use for 10 years, provided you maintain routine care.

  • -What are the complete prices for dental crowns in Turkey on your teeth?

    Dental crowns prices in Turkey vary depending on the type of crown chosen. Fees will vary depending on the treatment you need before the final crown is installed, so if you need a bone graft, root canal or gum surgery, the price of the crown will go up.

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