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Ptosis Surgery | Medicsey

All women have been keen since ancient times to beautify the eyes and their luster, so they went for Ptosis surgery turkey or they hastened to search for all the modern natural...

Who are the candidates for the Ptosis surgery turkey?

All women have been keen since ancient times to beautify the eyes and their luster, so they went for Ptosis surgery turkey or they hastened to search for all the modern natural, household, and surgical methods that help them in preserving the youth of the eyes and delaying the signs of aging, which include the appearance of fine wrinkles on the edges of the eyes and the drooping and sagging of the eyelids. This prompted doctors working in the field of aesthetic medicine to develop medical and cosmetic methods that facilitate the process of eyelid surgery and restore their youth and healthy appearance.  

People who s...

People who suffer from ptosis significantly as a result of a genetic cause, where genetic factors play an important role in determining the shape of the eyes and face in general.

People who a...

People who are in good health and do not have any health problems that may affect the results of the operation or may cause unwanted complications.

People over ...

People over the age of forty and signs of aging began to appear on them and affect the shape of their eyelids dramatically.

People who h...

People who have a realistic view of the results of Ptosis surgery turkey, and are fully aware of the complications that the operation may leave behind.

Very High Safety

Ptosis surgery turkey is characterized by very high safety rates as it does not require general anesthesia or large incisions.

Vibrant and Youthful

Ptosis surgery turkey gives a more vibrant and youthful appearance and greatly increases the person's self-confidence.

Not Visible Incisions

Often the effects of the incisions are not visible in this operation because the incisions are made in the natural folds of the eyelid.

What is Ptosis surgery turkey?

It is a cosmetic operation that is performed in the area of the upper eyelids to improve the aesthetic appearance of the eye or to overcome some vision problems resulting from the drooping of the upper eyelid on the eye due to the old age of the person and the loss of the skin’s elasticity, or it is performed in the lower eyelid to remove the fatty pockets and improve the general appearance to the eye.

What is the difference between laser eyelid surgery and traditional Ptosis surgery turkey?

Laser eyelid lift surgery is a modern technique and an alternative to traditional Ptosis surgery turkey and is characterized by being the fastest and most accurate without resorting to a surgical scalpel, as in traditional surgeries, the patient is subjected to general anesthesia, and the surgeon cuts and sews parts of the eyelid, and the use of lasers in eyelid tightening reduces swelling after the operation and resuming work after 24 hours, unlike traditional ones. Ptosis surgery cost turkey varies between these two methods and according to the hospital or the doctor.

What are the causes of sagging eyelids?

  • Aging is a key factor in the skin losing its elasticity due to the fading of collagen and elastin formation in the skin. Aging also causes weakness of the body’s muscles in general, including the muscles responsible for tightening and fixing the eyelids.
  • Ptosis may result from injury to the facial nerve and loss of control over the muscles responsible for the movement of the eyelids.
  • Direct injury to the eye may result in damage to the muscles responsible for the movement of the eyelids.
  • Ptosis may appear as a symptom associated with many organic diseases, which requires consulting a specialist.
  • The cause of drooping eyelids may be due to a person's genes and the genetic traits he carries in the family from which he descends.

What are the steps of Ptosis surgery turkey?

The method of performing Ptosis surgery turkey varies according to where it is performed, whether it is in the upper or lower eyelids:

Upper eyelid surgery

The upper eyelid surgery begins with the doctor using local anesthesia and then making a surgical incision along the natural folds in the eyelid, removing the excess skin, and then reconnecting the ends of the skin using a certain type of cosmetic threads that do not leave a trace of the operation.

Lower eyelid surgery

  • In most cases, the lower eyelid surgery is more difficult than the upper eyelid, and it may require some sedatives or it may require total anesthesia, and then an incision is made in the eyelid from the inside, and the excess fat is removed, after which the doctor uses some cosmetic threads to close the surgical incision.
  • Some surgeons may prefer to resort to laser Ptosis surgery turkey in both the lower and upper eyebrows, where the percentage of bleeding decreases significantly in the case of using the laser technology, and if the laser technology is used correctly, the results are very similar to the results of traditional surgery.

Recovery after Ptosis surgery turkey

Ptosis surgery turkey is often followed by some swelling, inflammation, and dry eyes, which are symptoms that are easy to control using some medications and dressings recommended by the doctor, and it may take the person to return to his normal life from 10 days to 2 weeks maximum, but the final results of eyelid surgery may appear within a few months after the operation, and the results depend largely on the person’s adherence to the doctor’s instructions after the operation and recovery after the eyelid surgery. Here are some tips that will improve and maintain the results of the operation:

  • Maintaining eye cleanliness by using some types of medical disinfectants.
  • Protect the eye from trauma as much as possible for a period of two weeks after the operation.
  • Continuing to use some of the drops prescribed by the doctor to reduce the dryness of the eyes resulting after the operation.
  • Wearing sunglasses to protect the eyes from the sun's ultraviolet rays, which can damage the collagen in the eyelid.

What are the advantages of Ptosis surgery turkey?

  • The short duration of the surgery compared to many other cosmetic procedures, as the time to perform the surgery may not take more than one hour.
  • In most eyelid surgeries, local anesthetics or sedatives are used, and the doctor does not resort to general anesthesia, and this greatly helps to avoid many complications resulting from anesthesia.
  • The recovery period is short, which does not exceed two weeks in most cases, but it varies from person to person according to the state of his health and the extent of his commitment to the doctor’s instructions.

What are the risks and disadvantages of Ptosis surgery turkey?

  • As usual, many surgeries have a high risk of bleeding or contamination of the incision, but this risk is significantly reduced in this process compared to many other surgeries with large incisions.
  • Eye sensitivity and inflammation or its exposure to dryness is also common symptom after eyelid surgery, but these symptoms can be reduced by adhering to the doctor’s advice, and also adhering to the medications he prescribes after Ptosis surgery turkey.
  • The results of the Ptosis surgery turkey are not permanent, as the results of the operation disappear gradually with age, and it may require a repeat operation within 15 years.
  • The operation may result in injury to one of the muscles responsible for eye movement, but the incidence of this problem is very small and depends mainly on the doctor’s skill and experience.
  • Removing too much skin in the eyelid area may make it difficult to close the eyes.

With Ptosis surgery turkey, the discomfort and anxiety caused by aging or the accumulation of fat in the eyelids, which also appears at young ages, can be eliminated by means of eyelid surgery, giving patients of different ages a younger, healthier look.

Ptosis Surgery
What has the approximate Ptosis surgery cost turkey?

The Ptosis surgery cost turkey varies, and this cost often does not include the costs of the hospital, the costs of anesthesia and other side costs, and the cost of the total operation is determined according to several factors, including the following:

The cost of the location of the operation and the level of its equipment.

Medications prescribed by the doctor before and after eyelid surgery.

Ptosis surgery cost turkey according to the anesthesia used in the operation.

The cost of pre-operative medical examinations.

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