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Neck Lift in Turkey - All you Need | Medicsey

A neck lift in Turkey is one of the most widespread plastic surgeries because many people suffer from the presence of sagging and wrinkles in the neck

Art Of Remedy
Why it's done & How you prepare

With aging, loosening of the skin, slowing down of body metabolism, weight gain, the increase in subcutaneous fat tissue will result in thickening of the neck area and a drooping neck appearance. This shows that you are a good candidate for neck lift in Turkey..

Evaluate your medical history and overall health

Evaluate your medical history and overall health

Discuss your expectations

Discuss your expectations

Stop smoking

Stop smoking

Physical exam

Physical exam

Recovery Take

Most patients recover smoothly, without complications, in 2-3 weeks, with some returning to more sedentary jobs after 7 days.

Surgery Time

Neck lift surgery usually lasts between one and three hours and is recommended for people who have loose neck skin. The procedure only addresses the neck.

Hospitalization Needed

The period of time that you have to stay in turkey after you landing, approximately 1 to 3 days after that you can fly back home again.

A neck lift in Turkey is one of the most widespread plastic surgeries because many people suffer from the presence of sagging and wrinkles in the neck, and they resorted to many different medicines, drugs, and creams, and it did not work, and for this, they resort to the neck lift operation as an optimal solution to get rid of signs of aging. In this article we will talk about neck lift surgery cost turkey and the methods of this operation.

A neck lift in Turkey

Neck lift operation in Turkey is one of the most important cosmetic procedures that aim to get rid of neck wrinkles and sagging without performing any medical procedures in the face, and the process helps the person get a younger look.

Conditions for neck lift in Turkey

Neck lift surgery, like other plastic surgeries, sets conditions for the person undergoing the operation to ensure the success of the operation and obtain the desired result from the operation so that the patient will not be exposed to the complications of the operation. The most important conditions of this operation are:

  • If the person is an adult between the ages of 18 and 70.
  • People who are physically healthy and do not suffer from any heart disease or chronic blood disease such as blood diabetes.
  • Those who abstain from smoking because it causes complications from the neck lift in turkey and does not help heal the surgical incisions.
  • People who suffer from slight, moderate, or severe sagging and wrinkles in the lower neck as a result of aging.
  • Those who suffer from early signs of aging and the appearance of wrinkles in their twenties as a result of some genetic factors.
  • People with a double chin (the wattle)
  • People who suffer from many folds of skin on the lower neck, resulting from losing a lot of weight, which leads to a lot of sagging.
  • Relaxation of the skin due to the relaxation of the muscles and tissues of the neck is caused by aging.

A neck lift in Turkey methods

A neck lift in turkey relies on more than one technique determined by the doctor, depending on the patient’s condition, and the doctor may use one or more techniques at the same time to get a better result, and he can also perform other cosmetic procedures such as facelift in Turkey with tightening procedures. To get a more youthful face and neck, among the most important methods used in the neck lift process:

Surgical methods

The surgical methods of neck tightening are considered one of the most important and most famous primitive methods of a neck lift in Turkey, which are suitable for all cases, especially moderate and advanced cases that suffer from the presence of many severe sagging and wrinkles in the neck area.

In surgical methods, the doctor relies on making surgical incisions, lifting sagging, and removing excess skin to get a tight neck. Among the most famous techniques of surgical methods used in neck lift in Turkey:

  • Traditional method

The traditional method is one of the most important methods used in surgical methods to get rid of sagging and wrinkles, and in this technique, the doctor makes a sketch of the places to be beautified, and then the doctor makes a very small surgical incision under the chin and makes another incision behind the ear, then the doctor separates the skin from the muscles and tissues, and then tightens the tissues using his hands, and after obtaining the desired result, the doctor closes the surgical incisions, and then the patient gets a more youthful shape and the annoying wrinkles and sagging disappear.

  • Neck muscle restructuring

Neck muscle restructuring is one of the surgical methods used neck lift in Turkey, and this technique is very similar to the traditional method, but the difference between them is that the doctor in this technique does not need to make a surgical incision behind the ear and is satisfied with a small surgical incision down the neck. Through it, he separates the skin from the muscles and tissues, then tightens the tissues well and restructures the neck muscles after tightening, then closes the surgical incisions without removing any skin as in the traditional method.

  • Neck liposuction

One of the most important techniques used in surgical methods is liposuction of the neck and tongue, which causes the presence of a lot of skin folds and the accumulation of fat, which shows it inappropriately. The doctor uses a liposuction device and inserts it through the surgical incisions to remove the accumulated fat from the neck and gland. After liposuction, the doctor naturally tightens the tissues and muscles, then gets rid of the excess skin and closes the surgical incisions aesthetically so as not to cause any scars or deformities.

Risks of a neck lift in turkey by surgical methods

A neck lift in Turkey, like other plastic surgeries, may result in many complications and severe risks, but when the patient chooses a reliable center that has its name and reputation among many different medical centers and by the most skilled doctors and surgeons who specialize in neck lift in Turkey and the most appropriate neck lift cost turkey, the patient may avoid these risks and complications. The most important complications of the operation are:

  • The patient experienced minor bleeding or severe bleeding from the surgical incisions.
  • The patient was exposed to infection during the neck lift procedure in Turkey due to the use of contaminated and non-sterile instruments.
  • The patient may be exposed to an infection in the wound, and it may be a superficial infection that can be easily treated. It can also be a deep infection in the tissues and muscles, and it may be necessary to open the surgical incision again to get rid of the bacterial remains.
  • The patient was exposed to scars or deformities resulting from the surgical incisions.
  • Exposing the patient to the risks of general anesthesia, as the patient may suffer from hypersensitivity to some of the substances used in the anesthesia process, which results in many risks.

Non-surgical methods

Since many people worry about the risks and complications of surgeries such as bleeding, infection, or contamination, non-surgical methods that are used in neck lift in turkey are safe and secure, which do not result in surgical risks and are characterized as fast-acting. 

Although it has many advantages, it is temporary and not permanent, unlike surgical operations, which last for many years, and it is not suitable for moderate and severe cases, but it is suitable for simple cases only, and one of the most important techniques of non-surgical methods used in the neck lift in Turkey:

  • A neck lift in Turkey with laser

A neck lift in Turkey using the laser is one of the best non-surgical methods, which many people prefer because its complications are few and its results are immediate. In this technique, the patient undergoes several sessions to obtain the desired result.

One of the most important advantages of the laser neck lift in Turkey is that the laser helps to stimulate the natural collagen secreted by the human body, which in turn works to produce naturally smooth and tight skin, and the laser helps to get rid of sagging and dead and damaged skin after holding several specific sessions depending on the condition the patient.

  • A neck lift in Turkey by injection

The injection technique is one of the most popular and widespread non-surgical methods in recent times used in the neck tightening process, and there are many different injection materials that the doctor injects into the neck to help get a more youthful neck and get rid of annoying wrinkles.

One of the most important of these substances is Botox, which is a toxic substance that the doctor injects in specific quantities to tighten tissues and muscles, and it takes several sessions to get the desired result.

The doctor also uses a filler needle, which is injecting different materials into the neck that may be natural, such as self-fat, and maybe artificial, and the doctor injects them into the neck that suffers from an imbalance in the fat mass, and these injections fill the empty areas of the neck with fat to be equal with the rest of the neck, it appears more beautiful.

  • A neck lift in Turkey by using threads

Neck lift operation using threads is one of the most important non-surgical techniques used, and the most important threads used in the operation are the wonderful French threads, which have been approved for safe use by international health organizations.

The neck lift in Turkey using threads is characterized by its immediate results and moderate costs compared to other neck tightening operations, and it is characterized by its ability to avoid the risks of surgical operations and is considered to be long-term compared to Botox and Filler injections.

Neck lift cost turkey

Cosmetic surgeries in general and neck lift in Turkey, in particular, vary in cost from one country to another and depending on several factors, the most important of which is the skill of the doctor who will supervise the operation, the participating medical team, and the tools he uses in operating in addition to the level of the medical center and its reputation among other centers, and of course the process varies from one patient to another. According to other operations that follow neck lift, such as liposuction, facelift, chin lift, and others.

The bottom line, we discussed the neck lift in turkey and its methods, from surgical one to non-surgical one. Choose wisely the centers and the doctors, and also the most affordable neck lift surgery cost turkey because it varies according to many things that we mentioned in this article.

Neck Lift
Neck Lift Surgery Preparation and Postoperative Recovery Process

During the preparation process for neck lift surgery, you should inform your doctor about your medical history, allergies and drugs. Complications of this surgery increase in patients who smoke.

After neck rejuvenation surgeries, we usually use a drain that evacuates the blood and fluid accumulation in the surgery area.

Corsets that allow the skin to heal in accordance with the new neck contour can be used after neck lift surgery.

Swelling and bruising are expected after neck aesthetics, and within 7-10 days, the bruises will decrease to a level that you can return to social life.

  • How long does neck lift in Turkey last?

    However, you can expect your neck lift to last between 10 and 15 years if you remain in good health and keep your weight maintained.

  • When to do a neck lift?

    Since you are healthy and wanting to lose skin on your neck, this procedure may be a great option, most patients are between the ages of 35 – 65.

  • How painful is a neck lift?

    A neck lift is performed under two types of anesthesia. Patients will experience swelling and minor discomfort for up to two weeks.

  • Is neck lift in Turkey worth the pain?

    A neck lift is a procedure that removes excess fat in your neck, creating a more defined and youthful good looking neck. Results can be long-lasting.

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