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Gastric Sleeve in Turkey Price | Medicsey

Many are looking for the gastric sleeve in Turkey price, many asks about gastric sleeve surgery turkey, and this means that Turkey is one of the most advanced countries in...

What affects the gastric sleeve in Turkey price?

Estimates of gastric sleeve in Turkey price surgeries generally vary depending on several factors, foremost of which are the following:

And finally,...

And finally, the gastric sleeve cost turkey surgery compared to other doctors’ prices in Turkey

The number o...

The number of gastric sleeve surgeries performed by the doctor

The number o...

The number of years of experience of the doctor in the gastric sleeve operation and the certificates obtained.

The opinions...

The opinions of the patients with the doctor about the operation before and after the operation.

Disease Prevention

Preventing the risk of serious diseases that threaten the obese person, the excess weight of the stomach negatively affects the health of the heart, liver, and diabetes, not only the shape, and once the operation is performed, you will get a more beautiful body and better health.

Slim Body

Enjoying an ideal weight and a slim body, and getting rid of the problem of excess weight and fat that used to reflect a strange appearance, after the procedure, the patient will be more beautiful and energetic.

Save Money

Gastric sleeve in Turkey price helps you save part of the money needed by other operations specialized in the field of weight reduction, as you can combine high quality and lower cost in one in the Medicsey center.

Many are looking for the gastric sleeve in Turkey price, many asks about gastric sleeve surgery turkey, and this means that Turkey is one of the most advanced countries in various sectors at the beginning of the current millennium, as it has become classified among the group of major industrialized countries and has become one of the most prominent medical tourism destinations in the world.

What is gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey?

There are multiple methods of gastric sleeve operation. In Medicsey center, we will explain the methods of gastric sleeve operation:

  • First, the sleeve gastrectomy is performed by surgical methods, the most common of which is to add a medical band around the upper part of the stomach, which reduces its absorptive capacity and thus reduces the individual’s ratio of food.
  • While in other cases a part of the stomach is cut, estimated at 15% of its original size.
  • The gastric sleeve turkey price of all kinds is very low, and all of them have achieved good results.

Are there types of gastric sleeve surgeries in Turkey?

The term gastric sleeve refers to the various operations that end with reducing the size of the stomach and controlling the amount of food that enters it and each type of gastric sleeve in Turkey price is different. Several types of operations fall under this concept, most notably the following:

  • The gastric stapling process: in which the stomach is reduced to be 1/10 less, to control weight and avoid excess, it is a way to resist the feeling of hunger.
  • Gastric sleeve surgery: which is the most popular gastric sleeve surgery turkey. In which the upper part of the stomach is cut or the entire stomach is cut in order to reduce its size to determine the amount of food that will enter the stomach after the cut.
  • Gastric banding: in which the doctor connects parts of the stomach to each other so that many of the outlets through which food enters are closed to block the way in front of it, which prevents the feeling of hunger.
  • Gastric reduction surgery: in which a large percentage of the stomach is removed, ranging between 40-80% of the entire stomach volume. This results in a very small stomach that cannot accommodate large amounts of food.
  • Gastric bypass surgery: which is one of the most widely adopted gastric sleeve Istanbul operations in the field of gastric bypass, and its main idea is to divert the bypass of the small intestine, although it is widely used, it is very dangerous.
  • The balloon operation: which does not require surgery, the main idea is to deceive the stomach by placing an empty balloon in the stomach from the mouth, and this balloon begins to form in the size of the stomach, which prevents it from absorbing food, and after 6 or 12 months, the balloon can be disposed of.

Which is the better technique in sleeve gastrectomy?

There are many techniques adopted in Turkey in the gastric sleeve process. There is no single technique or method in its implementation, so what is the best technique that can be chosen and guarantees an ideal result? There are two types of gastric sleeve surgery turkey and each type of gastric sleeve in Turkey price is different in Medicsey center:

Laparoscopic technique in gastric sleeve surgery:

Sleeve gastrectomy in this technique depends on the endoscopy, where the surgeon makes up to 4 incisions in the stomach, the cut begins longitudinally. Then remove the cut partly through the holes. At the same time, the hormone responsible for hunger is eliminated, and the hormone that controls satiety is retained

Single-incision technique in gastric sleeve surgery:

Performing a gastric sleeve operation with this technique requires making one incision in the stomach in the navel area, in order to avoid post-operative scars or

Estimates of prices for gastric reduction surgeries in Turkey generally vary depending on several factors, foremost of which are the following:

  • The type of technique used in the sleeve gastrectomy
  • The level of well-being provided by the medical institution
  • Gastric sleeve cost turkey surgery within medical centers and private clinics are a little bit expensive while the prices for the same procedure within major hospitals are more expensive than the private clinics, and may reach more in some cases.
  • This disparity in prices of gastric sleeves in turkey price is due to the level of luxury and the degree of health care provided by these centers, and this can also be circumvented by resorting to an alternative obesity treatment, as the  price of a balloon operation in Turkey is the cheapest, but the disadvantage of this procedure is that it is not used on specific degrees of obesity.
  • Gastric sleeve in Turkey price operations in Turkey vary according to the level of luxury provided by the medical centers in which it is located. This is by a small percentage, meaning that the average price of the balloon operation in Turkey or the gastric sleeve operation does not differ from one center to another except by a ratio of approximately 10: 20%.

But in the end, the group of major cities remains the most containing this type of medical centers. The city of Istanbul comes to the forefront, in terms of the number of this type of medical centers and gastric sleeve in Turkey price is affordable, while the capital, Ankara, occupies the second place, followed by major cities such as Mersin, Antalya, and Izmir.

Gastric Sleeve
When does a person need to have a gastric sleeve Istanbul, Turkey surgery?

Does the patient suffer from obesity? Is it sufficient reason for the gastric sleeve Istanbul operation? It is not possible to undergo a gastric sleeve operation except after confirming the patient’s condition and determining its compliance with the following cases:

That the patient suffers from an excessive percentage of obesity, up to 40 kilos. At the same time, he suffers from liver disease, diabetes, and other serious diseases. This necessitates the necessity of performing the operation and gastric sleeve to get rid of the harmful excess fat.

That the patient has a moderate percentage of fat but wants to reach an ideal weight and follow a healthy diet to maintain the result of the operation after its completion.

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