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Elipse Swallowable Balloon in Turkey | Medicsey

The Elipse Swallowable Balloon in Turkey is the latest and fastest weight loss procedure that does not require any surgery, not even laparoscopy, does not need to make any incisions in the abdomen, does not take any time in operations, and does not require anesthesia.

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Why the elipse swallowable balloon in Turkey?

You do not feel any pain in the stabilization phase or in the unloading phase. It also increases the body's fat burning rates as it reduces the calories absorbed by the body. Among its most important benefits and features:

Give a feeling of satiety

Give a feeling of satiety

You do not need any surgery or endoscopy

You do not need any surgery or endoscopy

The Elipse Swallowable Balloon in Turkey is safe and has no complications

The Elipse Swallowable Balloon in Turkey is safe and has no complications

Capsule effect

It dissolves in your stomach by stomach enzymes and then passes out with your stool

Type of anesthesia

The Swallowable Balloon capsule in Turkey does not require any kind of anesthesia

Lose weight

It helps to lose weight in a period of no more than four months.

Many obese people are now losing hope since they have failed to lose weight in many attempts. Some resort to a specific diet, and others resort to slimming drugs. However, with the great progress and development in bariatric surgeries, doctors have invented different types of operations that are performed with the latest medical technologies. For example, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, and other operations. These recent surgeries have changed the lives of many obese people, freeing them from the mental and health restrictions that obesity has caused. However, people who are slightly overweight and weigh no more than 20 kilograms over their normal weight, are looking for easier and faster methods for weight loss. For this reason, doctors have been interested in research and development to provide this category with the best solution and that is the Elipse balloon in Turkey.



How is the Elipse gastric balloon in Turkey performed?

The Elipse swallowable balloon in Turkey is the first and only one allowed in the world. The American-made capsule helps the patient lose 15 to 20 kilograms of excess weight in the body.

This procedure is performed in the clinic, without surgery, anesthesia, or pain. All it takes is swallowing a small capsule which is the size of an antibiotic capsule. Inside the capsule, there is a balloon. Once the capsule reaches the bottom of the stomach, the outer cover dissolves and the balloon appears. The capsule is attached to a small tube that is designed for filling the balloon with liquids. As it swells with liquid, the balloon fills a space in the stomach. Therefore, the patient feels full after eating small amounts of food which leads to weight loss easily and simply. 


Why is the Elipse swallowable balloon in Turkey considered a magical solution?

The Elipse swallowable balloon in Turkey is the magical solution for weight loss because of its many advantages, such as:

  • It helps reduce 20 kilograms of excess body weight in no more than four months.
  • It does not require any complicated procedures.
  • It does not have any high-risk side effects or symptoms.
  • There are many encouraging and impressive stories about people who have done it and lost excessive weight in 4 months.




Are there pre-operative instructions to Elipse swallowable balloons in Turkey?

There are some instructions that you must adhere to correctly to obtain good satisfactory results, such as:

  • Implementing the doctor’s instructions and regime system.    
  • Stop smoking before meals.
  • Refrain from eating sugar and sweets. 
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Drink more water.


Post-operative care

After the Elipse gastric balloon in Turkey, the patient must follow some instructions, such as:

  • Follow the prescribed diet.
  • Stop smoking before meals.
  • Playing sports.
  • Drink more water, especially, before every meal.
  • Do not lay back after eating.
  • Avoid random eating habits.


The diet after Elipse swallowable balloons in Turkey

The purpose of the diet is to organize eating habits. After the Elipse gastric balloon in Turkey, the doctor prescribes a 1-month diet which includes the following:

The first ten days: liquids and soup. Drink in small sips. Drink 2 liters of water at least.

The second ten days: mashed and soft food.

The last ten days: boiled food.


gastric balloon in turkey


Can the Elipse gastric balloon in Turkey explode inside the abdomen?

The Elipse swallowable balloon in Turkey can explode, however, it occurs in extremely rare cases. This can be avoided by choosing a well-experienced doctor who is skilled in such procedures and has previous experience. 


How does the Elipse gastric balloon in Turkey settle in the stomach?

The procedure is simple, natural, and quick. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes and is performed as the following: 

  1. The Elipse gastric capsule is provided by the doctor to the patient. Then, it is swallowed with water. 
  2. The attached tube is marked with two lines. The tube is inserted to the point at which the specified mark is on the lip.
  3. In the stomach, the capsule decays, and then, the balloon is filled with 550 ml of sterile liquids.
  4. After the Elipse balloon is inflated, the tube is pulled out by the doctor.
  5. The capsule is placed without surgery or pain.

Two X-rays are taken during the procedure, one is after inserting the Elipse swallowable capsule in Turkey and the other is after inflating the balloon, to check whether the capsule is placed in the right position or not.


How is the Elipse swallowable balloon removed in Turkey?

After the Elipse gastric balloon procedure in Turkey, the body begins to significantly reduce the number of meals as a result of the space occupied by the inflated Elipse balloon. Thus, the rate of fat burning increases which leads to extra weight loss. The Elipse balloon remains in the stomach for four months. After this period, the release valve, which is a white circle on the balloon, decomposes and disintegrates automatically. Then, the empty balloon is excreted from the body in a natural way with stool.


Candidates for the Elipse gastric balloon in Turkey

To be a candidate for the smart stomach capsule in Turkey, one must be:

  • At the first or second degree of obesity (no more than 40 kgs of excess weight).
  • With a medical record that is clear of previous gastric surgeries.



Important criteria to guarantee safety after the Elipse balloon in Turkey

To guarantee your safety and good results after the Elipse gastric balloon, one must look for a well-experienced doctor who:

  • Has many success stories in gastric surgeries in general and in the Elipse swallowable balloon procedure in particular.
  • Uses the latest medical equipment.
  • Provides integrated care and follow-up for his patients. 


What is the Elipse gastric balloon cost in Turkey?

Country Procedure Price (in £)
Turkey Elipse Swallowable Balloon 2000
UK Elipse Gastric Balloon 4000 - 8000
USA Smart Stomach Capsule 8150
India Swallowable Gastric Balloon 4400

The Elipse swallowable balloon price in Turkey is 2000£. This includes the health watch and the digital scale for weight composition. This price is considered the cheapest among other countries. Please note that prices may vary based on factors such as location, clinic, individual patient needs, and any additional services included. The table provides a general overview of the mentioned prices as of the provided information.


How does the Elipse gastric balloon in Turkey work?

The Elipse swallowable balloon in Turkey does not treat obesity, but simple obesity.

  • A digital scale and a smartwatch are provided with the Elipse gastric balloon in Turkey to help keep track of weight loss. This digital scale has a special application that can be downloaded on smartphones. This way, it is easy to keep track of the weight daily.


Medicsey in Turkey

Medicsey is a medical company for plastic and medical surgeries. What distinguishes Medicsey from other companies is the medical staff and the services it provides. Medicsey has a set of skilled doctors and surgeons in different fields of medicine. They perform their duties with love and care and guarantee satisfying results. Medicsey takes care of your medical journey from A to Z, including airport pick-up and drop-off, transportation, accommodation, and medical tests and appointments. In addition to an online follow-up after the procedure. All you need to do is go to the Medicsey website and talk to the help center and they will explain everything and provide you with all the information you need.

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Elipse Swallowable Balloon
Are there types of elipse swallowable balloon in Turkey?

Elipse swallowable balloon differ in the way each capsule works and the liquid or gas they fill.

There are types that are filled with brine and are considered the safest.

Some capsules contain a colorimetric reagent that changes the color of the urine to tell the patient the doctor immediately if there is any hole or leakage in the balloon.

There are types of elipse balloon capsules in Turkey that are filled with a mixture of certain gases and are light on the stomach and do not cause nausea. It is possible to enter more than one capsule, even if it is three capsules, to obtain the required size of the stomach.

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