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Dental Braces in Turkey: Cost, Procedure & Treatment Abroad | Medicsey

Teeth braces in turkey are a branch of dentistry concerned with the arrangement, beauty, and health of teeth.

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The most important benefits of teeth braces in turkey

Treats speech and chewing problems

Treats speech and chewing problems

Improving the appearance

Improving the appearance

Relieves tooth and gum pain

Relieves tooth and gum pain

Teeth braces in turkey treat irregular teeth

Teeth braces in turkey treat irregular teeth

Teeth braces in Turkey beautify the shape of the face in general and treat any visible bump in the jaw.

Improving the capacity and efficiency of the teeth and improving the health of the surrounding tissues.

Improving the pronunciation process, eliminating any influence of the teeth on the pronunciation of letters and stuttering.

Disorders of the jaw or teeth structure or abnormalities may affect a patient's healthy life, so the teeth braces in turkey may be the answer. The patient may have a jaw structure that does not open and close properly, which affects healthy eating habits, or he may suffer from pain in the jaw muscles due to crowding of the teeth, or there may not be enough space in the jaw structure and new teeth come out tilted.

When are the teeth braces in turkey performed?

Patients may have various problems in the mouth and teeth, but these problems do not always require orthodontics. The reasons for resorting to teeth braces in turkey is to change from person to person and can be summarized by:
  • Early loss of milk teeth
  • Tooth distortion and crowding
  • Asymmetry in the jaw structure
  • Reasons such as finger sucking, pacifier use, and prolonged feeding.
  • The upper and lower teeth are inconsistent with each other due to genetic reasons.
The jaw structure of patients with such problems is examined with x-rays, then an appropriate treatment plan is drawn up and its implementation begins.

Types of teeth braces in Turkey treatment

  • Bridge installation
  • Transparent braces
  • Jaw expander
  • Fixed braces
  • Movable braces

Bridge installation is a type of teeth braces in Turkey

This is the most common and widely applied teeth braces in Turkey. The patient may feel pressure in the jaw structure, but it passes after a few days.

Transparent braces

  • It is a very convenient and easy method, especially for adults. Orthodontic treatment is provided with a transparent device instead of a bridge.
  • Many patients do not undergo a medical examination because they avoid teeth braces in Turkey treatment. However, transparent braces are an alternative to bridge therapy and are a more aesthetic and short-term treatment.
  • Of course, the dentist will decide which treatment will be applied to the patient, but this method may be applied to patients who avoid bridge treatment.

A jaw expander is a type of teeth braces in Turkey

It can be applied to the upper and lower jaw and allows the jaw to open and close properly.

Fixed braces

When the milk teeth fall out, the permanent teeth grow in their place. However, existing teeth may slip into the spaces left by the deciduous teeth and prevent permanent teeth from coming out. This can be avoided by using fixed teeth braces in Turkey, as they work to protect the gap of the falling teeth and prevent other teeth from slipping into it.

When can fixed teeth braces in Turkey be used?

  • Repairing problems such as crooked or anterior teeth and jaws.
  • Straighten the crown of the tooth.
  • The gentle movement of the teeth to reach the natural position.
  • Doing things like external oral traction makes room for the jaw and mouth for fixed orthodontics.

Mobile braces

  • Mobile braces, unlike the fixed device, are used for minor dental problems and consist of a plastic sheet with a wire that gently presses against the tooth. This type of teeth braces in Turkey does not stick to your teeth and is designed in this way to fit the size of your mouth.
  • This mobile braces device allows you to take it out of your mouth while eating and brushing, and in order to get the best results from this method, you should pay close attention to what your doctor says, as the case may be. Oral and dental, as well as the severity and extent of problems may be less than six months of treatment, which is shorter than fixed braces.
  • These appliances are used also after fixed teeth braces in Turkey treatment to protect the new tooth.

Types of mobile braces

  • Partial: These devices are the latest teeth braces in Turkey to solve: the space between the teeth, crooked or lying over the teeth, back and forward, and other problems that are not very serious.
  • Complete: After the treatment with a fixed device is over, the person still needs a number of other devices, which are called complete braces, it is one of the most important types of mobile device plates, and the use of this device is very important to keep your teeth straight and prevent them from moving again.

Cases that cannot use mobile braces

To solve problems that require multiple courses.
When the teeth are too compressed.
Disorders and other problems of the lower jaw.
Intense crossbite and open bite.

The benefits of mobile teeth braces in Turkey

Reduce gum problems.
Easy to remove and clean the removable brackets from the mouth.
It is used for children's growth as a growth stimulant.
Possibility to modify the plates.

Disadvantages of mobile braces:

The effect of mobile teeth braces in Turkey on voice and speech.
It is difficult for the lower teeth to tolerate this treatment.
The mobile teeth braces cost in Turkey is high.

Methods for cleaning the mobile device

  • Clean your device with a soft brush after every meal.
  • Use a mild detergent such as soap and lukewarm water.
  • Before cleaning the teeth braces in Turkey, wash the device first with water to remove any food left in it.
  • Toothpaste can scratch your device, so do not use it.
  • Use soaking and antibacterial pills to disinfect the device.
  • Clean the machine's corners and grooves with a cotton swab dampened in lukewarm, soapy water.
  • Clean the entire surface of the appliance in a circular motion, this will remove food and dental plaque

Necessary care after using the mobile teeth braces in Turkey

  • The patient must learn how to properly apply and remove it.
  • Your dentist should do things like adjusting the layer of the brace etc.
  • In order to get the best results, you have to put up with the pain from this type of treatment, which usually becomes less after a few days.
  • You should only remove the braces from your mouth when your doctor tells you to.
  • It is best to avoid sweet foods and soft and sticky drinks.
  • Braces should be cleaned at least twice a day.

Special cases of applying teeth braces in Turkey

It is an orthodontic method that is applied according to the needs of each person and is used to treat the disturbed tooth structure due to reasons such as sucking fingers and using a pacifier.

The difference between fixed and mobile teeth braces in Turkey

Fixed braces can solve moderate to severe and serious problems, but the mobile teeth braces in Turkey
type can solve simple to moderate problems. The best type is determined by the orthodontist, of course, these two types can also be considered complementary, and after the course of fixed orthodontic treatment you must use a portable device such as a retainer, in fact, a mobile device use is a separate processing step after fixed braces.

How long do dental braces in Turkey last?

teeth braces in Turkey vary according to each patient's needs. The average general treatment duration is 1.5 years.

What should be considered to do dental braces in Turkey?

Teeth braces in Turkey begin at the age of 7-8 years. During the treatment period, the dentist should observe appropriate examination periods and avoid the patient acidic, sugary, and sticky foods. During the course of orthodontic treatment, it is important for the patient to be in good spirits and to be satisfied with the treatment.

Benefits of doing the teeth braces in Turkey

  • Have a healthy jaw structure: The patient eats and drinks more comfortably.
  • Get an aesthetic mouth structure: A person's smile design becomes more aesthetic because they will have a correct jaw structure.
  • Prevents tooth loss: It revives a person's self-confidence and makes him happier in his social life.

How much do the teeth braces cost in Turkey?

The teeth braces in Turkey are the magic solution that restores the beauty of the mouth again, no matter what your dental problems are.
you will find the right type for you, and do not worry about the high cost, the teeth braces cost in Turkey is the cheapest around the world, in addition to the availability of translators in most centers, which facilitates dealing with people all over the world.
Besides that, Turkey provides accommodation and easy transportation.

Factors that determine the teeth braces cost in Turkey

Dental treatment and cosmetic procedures, cannot limit to a specific amount, as they differ from one case to another according to the procedures the patient needs and according to his health condition, and there are many factors on which the determination of the prices of teeth braces in turkey depends, including:
The quality of the service provided by the place, does the center has comprehensive quality certificates and a license from the Ministry of Health or not.
Postgraduate studies or foreign fellowships for orthodontists in the field of orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry.
The reputation of the orthodontist and his positive results from previous clients, you can find the best dentists in Turkey.
The condition of the teeth, the quality of the appropriate teeth braces in turkey device for each case, whether it is fixed or mobile braces, the patient’s health condition, and if the braces are for all or some of the teeth.

In this article, we wanted to share with you the most important information about teeth braces in Turkey. We hope you have enough information about the types of braces.
Dental Braces
Teeth braces in Turkey procedure steps

Teeth braces in Turkey are divided into three sections: mobile orthodontics, surgical orthodontics, and fixed braces, as most patients resort to the fixed type of braces, whose steps are summarized as follows:

The doctor cleans the patient's teeth with an acidic liquid; To help the teeth receive orthodontics.

He puts material to fix the orthodontic from the back.

The doctor can use multiple orthodontic tools, to arrange the teeth and get the proper shape.

  • What is the usage of dental braces?

    It is to correct malocclusion and reduce the crookedness of teeth as well as the space between them.

  • Are dental braces painful?

    Dental braces do not hurt when they are applied to the teeth, there will be a little soreness or discomfort after the dental braces' wire is engaged into the placed brackets.

  • How much time do dental braces take?

    The average dental braces treatment is somewhere between 16-18 months, but can sometimes longer to 24 months, or even more.

  • What age is best for dental braces?

    Most orthodontists believe that dental braces are best for kids when they are between the ages of 10 to 14 years old.

  • What should be considered for orthodontic work in Turkey?

    Orthodontics in Turkey begins at the age of 7-8 years. During the treatment period, the dentist should adhere to the appropriate examination periods and avoid eating acidic, sugary and sticky foods. During the period of orthodontic treatment, it is important for the patient to be in good spirits and be satisfied with the treatment.

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