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Gastric Balloon in Turkey Cost | Medicsey

Gastric balloon operation is one of the non-surgical operations, and gastric balloon in Turkey cost is affordable. This operation is done in order to get rid of excess weight in people who suffer from this matter. 


Candidates for the gastric balloon operation

Although the gastric balloon operation is one of the most popular operations and especially gastric balloon Turkey price is affordable, which have helped in losing weight for many people, it is not suitable for all people:

In the first place, the operation is not suitable for people who have not reached the age of eighteen yet.

Also, this process is completely unsuitable for people with localized fat accumulations.

It is also completely unsuitable for people with chronic stomach infections, or patients with stomach ulcers.



Or what is known as the smart balloon, this type of stomach balloon is completely different from the previous types and gastric balloon in Turkey cost is also completely different. This is where it enters the stomach by relying on small capsules that are monitored during entry through the use of x-rays. And then the filling is done through the use of nitrogen gas, and in this type, more than one capsule can be used to reduce the stomach space. This type causes a weight loss of up to 30%.


This type of gastric balloon is one of the most common types of gastric balloon in various countries of the world. It is a single balloon that is inserted into the stomach through the use of an endoscope inserted through the mouth. Then a catheter is used and filled with saline. This type of gastric balloon in Turkey cost differently to others according to the doctor and the hospital.


Spatz balloon in Turkey is suitable for people who aspire to lose more than 15 kg and who will benefit from a gastric balloon for more than 6 months. It is unique to other stomach balloons, where the balloon can be filled in at least two stages, the first is filled with a small amount of saline solution and after two months or more it is filled to 700 ml so that the balloon remains in the stomach for up to 12 months.


This type of gastric balloon in Turkey does not require an endoscopic procedure. The patient swallows the capsule of the polyurethane gastric balloon before filling it with 550ml of saline through a thin catheter. After approximately 4 months, the absorbable material inside the gastric balloon will begin to disintegrate. It must dissolve entirely before opening the release valve and allowing the gastric balloon to empty within minutes. The balloon can be a good option for patients who do not wish to have an endoscopy or local anesthesia.


A lot of the advantages of this wonderful balloon: thanks to the modern technology of the new and sealed valve, the solution does not leak out of it during filling. High quality so it stays in the stomach for 12 months. When filled in the stomach, it takes an oval shape and therefore easily adapts to the anatomical shape of the stomach. Filling capacity is available for up to 800ml. Made of completely pure medical silicone without impurities, it does not affect the stomach and does not cause ulcers. Ensure appropriate weight loss for each patient and their condition.


It is a weight loss system using gastric balloon in Turkey but only for six months. The balloon is placed in the stomach orally using a minimally invasive endoscopic procedure while the patient is under light sedation. When the balloon is in place, the balloon is filled with saline so that it expands into a spherical shape. The balloon can be filled with different amounts of saline solution (from 400 to 700 ml) depending on the amount most appropriate for the size of the patient's stomach.

Gastric balloon in Turkey

Do you want to solve the problem of obesity and its complications without resorting to surgery? The best solution is the modern gastric balloon. The gastric balloon operation in Turkey is one of the most popular and popular surgical alternatives, due to the proven ability of this treatment method to reduce weight in large proportions within short periods (approximately six to 12 months), according to the type of balloon used and then disposed of, which prompted some to consider it the ideal solution for obesity problems and a safe alternative to surgical liposuction.

The basic idea on which the operation depends is to reduce the size of the stomach to reduce the amount of food consumed, thus feeling full quickly and regulating the work of the hormones responsible for satiety and hunger during the period of the balloon in the stomach. Gastric balloon operation is a temporary operation and the cost of Gastric Balloon in Turkey is very reasonable.

The modern gastric balloon in Turkey is without surgery, without serious complications, and does not require general anesthesia or a period of recovery in the hospital, where it is done by normal endoscopy and only about 15 minutes.


Obesity side effects

  • Obesity is a major problem that troubles many men and women. Although many different diets can be followed to lose weight and reach the ideal weight.
  • However, many people complain about the failure of these tricks that do not bring any effective results for them, which leads to the development of the matter and gain another increase in their weight.
  • As for the harms of obesity, there are many and many, and they do not depend on the appearance and improper form in front of others. Rather, it extends to the incidence of many chronic diseases that are difficult to deal with.
  • As mentioned above, obesity is a disease of the age obsession and its complications, which lead to serious diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, heart attacks, sleep apnea, respiratory and digestive problems, psychological and social problems, poor sexual competence, especially in women, diseases of the spine and degenerative joints, cancers, most of which are uterine cancer. 
  • But with the development of the medical side, several surgical and non-surgical operations appeared to get rid of the problem of excess weight. Among these operations is the gastric balloon in Turkey which has cost very acceptable according to other operations.

Gastric balloon surgery results

  • This process is a process that has been very popular in the recent past. The main reason for this is that it has helped a large number of people lose weight in a very short period compared to other treatment methods.
  • By relying on the gastric balloon operation, a person can lose between twenty to thirty kilograms in just six months.
  • His weight loss may continue if he continues on a certain type of healthy, appropriate food after the balloon is completely removed.
  • It is worth noting that the result of the operation does not appear on the person immediately after the completion of the operation, but the matter extends to a number of the following months after its completion.
  • Gastric balloon in Turkey cost is acceptable according to other operations, and by choosing the best-skilled doctor and hospitals the results will be great.

Advantages of the gastric balloon operation

The process has several different advantages, which are as follows:

  • The operation is non-surgical.
  • The operation does not require general anesthesia.
  • The complications of the operation are minor and almost non-existent.
  • The results of the operation are effective if the person adheres to the advice given to him.
  • Gastric balloon in Turkey cost is low compared to other operations performed for the same purpose.



Gastric balloon side effects

The gastric balloon operation, like any other operation, has some occasional side effects that do not cause concern, including:

  • Feeling of nausea and discomfort, and this symptom occurs in the few days following the operation, and this symptom is overcome by using some medications and medical drugs.
  • Vomiting, and these symptoms occur as a natural reaction of the stomach to feeling a foreign body inside, and although these symptoms disappear after a few days in most people, in a small number of cases vomiting lasts for a long time, forcing the patient to attend. The doctor removes the balloon from the stomach. And the doctor takes the appropriate procedure and decision for the patient. The patient is also given the appropriate treatment.
  • Feeling minor stomach cramps and they are overcome by using the appropriate analgesics for the patient.
  • The feeling of acid reflux from the stomach to the esophagus and the patient is also given the necessary medication for that.

Gastric balloon risks and complications

Despite the safety of the gastric balloon operation to a large extent, there is a very small possibility of some risks and complications that may be the result of a medical error, or the type of balloon used or from the patient himself and maybe without a known reason, and these risks include:

  • Leakage or perforation of the balloon and emptying its contents into the stomach: Therefore, the balloon is filled with a small amount of the colored substance methylene blue. When the leak occurs, the person notices the urine coming out in blue color, and it is also possible to feel recurring pains per day. In this case, you should consult the doctor immediately to remove the balloon from the stomach And remedy the matter before the balloon descends into the small intestine and thus its blockage.
  • Stomach ulcers: these occur as a result of the balloon rubbing against the stomach wall, and this is very much related to the quality of the balloon used. In addition, large amounts of stomach acids can be secreted according to the patient’s condition, which leads to irritation of the wall and the formation of ulcers.

Tips for patients who have a balloon in their stomach

  • The patient can return to normal life within a day or two after inserting the balloon into the stomach in Turkey.
  • After inserting the balloon the doctor can give the patient medication for the first week or two as an anti acidic, anti-vomiting, anti-convulsive and anti-pain
  • Medical follow-up and review of the doctor every six weeks.
  • The doctor or special medical team can give you an educational program for a diet before and after the procedure.
  • The patient should be in near-daily contact with his/her doctor, and if there are any abnormal symptoms he/she should contact his/her doctor immediately.
  • Gastric Balloon in Turkey procedure and balloon extraction should be performed by a specialist doctor.



Important tips to ensure effective, healthy performance and satisfactory results

Gastric balloon in Turkey 

  • Eat and chew slowly in a calm atmosphere and healthy environment.
  • Cut the food into small pieces when they are in the mouth and then gradually digest them
  • Stop eating when you feel any reflex, puff, or gastric gases
  • Have three main meals per day, including three very light meals within a relatively large interval
  • Drink at least - 1.5 liters of water per day
  • Avoid swallowing food
  • A glass or two glasses of water half an hour before and after a meal
  • Avoid eating and drinking together at the same time to ensure the cleaning of the balloon in the stomach and prevent
  • the disintegration of nutrients as a result of the remaining leftovers on the balloon
  • Avoid drinking concentrated soft water: Coca-Cola Pepsi...
  • Avoid drinking tea and coffee intensively 
  • Avoid smoking; If you have to smoke, do not smoke on an empty stomach
  • The last meal should not be late at night or just before bedtime
  • Wait at least two hours after the last meal; And don't go straight to bed
  • Avoid lying on the abdomen (lie tummy) and bend your side when you feel pain
  • You have to be active and you have to do daily exercise like driving a bicycle, a fast walk at least 15 minutes a day
  • You have to do these usual exercises after the first month of the balloon installation
  • You need to go up the stairs quietly and not go up the upper floors


Diet after gastric balloon in Turkey 

  • It is preferable to cook with steam rather than water to preserve vitamins and minerals.
  • You have to follow the nutritional formula guide for the calorie schedule.
  • Eat fresh or cooked vegetables.
  • Moderate intake of spices (cumin, pepper, curry powder, red pepper), herbs (tarragon, garlic, parsley), onions, mustard, vinegar, juice, lemon, soy sauce, chili sauce, and fat-free soup cubes.
  • You should have three main but not heavy meals (breakfast-lunch-dinner) and a quick snack in the afternoon.
  • It is recommended not to eat too many snacks between the main meals.


Gastric balloon in Turkey cost

The gastric balloon in Turkey cost varies according to their nature and the time period in which the operation will be conducted. It is not possible to determine the gastric balloon in Turkey cost before examining the case with the doctor.

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Calculate Body Mass Index

The body mass index (BMI) is a measure that uses your height and weight to work out if your weight is healthy. With BMI Calculator You can tell if you are overweight or underweight and you will get recommendations tailored to your situation.

Gastric balloon
Gastric balloon Turkey Istanbul operation steps

The process is carried out by relying on a set of fixed and specific steps, and these steps are as follows:

In the beginning, a migraine is used, and this greatly helps in calming the person. It also helps that no contractions of the esophagus occur during the entry of the endoscope.

The doctor first performs a gastroscopy to detect if the patient has an unexpected or previously unseen problem in the esophagus, stomach, or duodenum as a traditional procedure before inserting the gastric balloon.

In this step, the type of balloon used is inserted according to the patient's condition. Through the use of an endoscope, it is fixed in the exact place inside the stomach.

The method of filling varies according to the type of balloon used in the process, where the catheter and saline solution are used in the case of using the Oropera balloon or the Reshape. As for the use of opalon, the filling is done through the use of hydrogen gas.


Customer Questions

Frequently asked questions about gastric balloon in turkey cost:

  • How many kilograms will I lose during the incubation period of the balloon in my stomach?

    You can reduce excess weight by using a gastric balloon in Turkey usually between 15 - 25 kg in 6 months, but by following a diet specified by the doctor or private medical team.

  • How long is recovery after gastric balloon?

    You'll likely need someone to drive you home from the hospital and your throat may be sore from insertion of the balloon. Full recovery generally happens within 3 or 4 days.

  • Does your weight gain again after balloon extraction?

    Maintaining the continuity of applying a certain diet, preventing re-gaining weight after removing the balloon in Turkey or in the place of residence.

  • Why should the balloon be removed after 6 months or a year?

     It is recommended to remove the balloon in the sixth month or after a year, depending on the type of balloon because it will be affected by stomach acids, and not extracting the balloon after this period can lead to rupture of the balloon. And then it may migrate to the small intestine, which requires surgery to remove it. Also, the balloon will not be as effective as before because the stomach will get used to it as part of it, so it must be removed.

  • Is gastric balloon painful?

    You may experience some pain which can be caused if your oesophagus or stomach is punctured whilst inserting the gastric balloon. You may also feel pain from the inflation of the balloon.
  • How much does gastric balloon cost in Turkey

    Finally, obesity has always been and will always be the haunting problem that many suffer from, whether women or men. Many patients do the gastric balloon operation because gastric balloon in Turkey cost lower than other operation with same purpose.

  • Will I have health problems after the balloon is installed in Turkey?

    Immediately after the balloon is installed in Turkey, the following symptoms can occur, which can last two or three days or a week as a maximum:

    stomach cramp
    acid reflux
    Dizziness or vomiting

    In the meantime, the doctor can give the appropriate medications to prevent these symptoms, and then the body adapts to the balloon

  • What are the risks of a gastric balloon?

    Risks and potential side effects
    • Acid reflux.
    • Low weight loss.
    • Blockage of food entering the stomach.
    • Stomach discomfort.
    • Nausea and vomiting.
    • Belly or back pain.
    • Digestion issues.
    • Infection.
  • Is it possible to install another balloon if there is a clear decrease in weight after the extraction of the first balloon?

    It is possible to install another balloon after removing the first balloon, but the second balloon should be installed at a later time, at least two months after the extraction of the old one, thus giving a period of rest for the stomach in order to be more effective.

  • How can I eat while the balloon is in my stomach?

    After the balloon is installed in Turkey, you must follow a specific diet by a medical team or nutritionist, and then you will feel full in the stomach and this reduces the amount of food eaten.

  • How can the balloon be extracted?

    The balloon extraction process in Turkey is as easy as the installation process, using a gastroscope by a specialized doctor, and the duration of the procedure usually takes about 25 minutes under general or partial anesthesia.

  • Does the balloon installation process reduce the activity and daily work routine?

    To improve the chances of success of the gastric balloon operation in Turkey, do not do any practical activity during the first week of the balloon installation to make sure that you get used to the balloon, after that you can resume daily activities, with a healthy diet and continue to practice vital activity and normal sports.

  • Should I go to my doctor for follow-up during certain periodic visits?

    We must know that the balloon in the stomach is not a magic pill to reduce excess weight, but it is a healthy way on a regular basis, and it can help you change your diet habits for the better, and this requires periodic follow-up with the doctor or the medical team responsible during the period of the balloon

  • What happens when there is a leak in the balloon?

    Balloon puncture is very rare, but when this happens you can simply feel that the balloon has been punctured and leaked by changing the color of urine to blue or green, when this happens you should contact the doctor immediately because then the balloon should be extracted through the endoscope in an easy and fast way and without pain.


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